Foods With More Potassium Than A Banana

Bananas are a great source of potassium, but eating the same food over and over again can get tiresome and you may even start hating it, which will consequently lead to a body craving the benefits of potassium.

Potassium is a crucial nutrient, it plays key roles in muscle strength, nerve function and heart health. Not getting enough potassium a day can lead to serious deficiencies, fatigue, muscle cramps,, heart palpitations and dizzy spells.

The great news for potassium fans but banana’s little lovers, is the fact that there are about 5 products that contain as much and in some cases even more potassium than a banana!

Read on, and remember you can have a very well structured diet without having to eat the same food over and over again.

Sweet potatoes- perfect summer side dishes! Delicious and vitamin packed super foods, is a great alternative to bananas!

Beans- whether you choose to cook them in chili, serve as a side dish or drop them in a soup, beans are a great choice for vitamins! Besides the taste, they will share a considerable dose of health.

Yogurt is one of the healthiest snack choices you could be making. Refreshing, light and high in potassium, it is a great source of energy!

Avocado. Fans of guacamole, congratulations. Besides having a super tasty snack, you are ripping loads of health benefits as well! So next time you get comfortable in front of the TV, don’t forget to bring a plate full of health along! Also, there is no need to remind that avocado is all about maximum pleasure and minimum weight, right?

Clams are another super food packed with the highest concentration of vitamin B12 of any food as well as the much sought for potassium. Use them to make tasty seafood or traditional New England clam chowder and enjoy their benefits!