Fatal Mistakes That Spoil a First Impression

You can never get a second chance to make a first impression so be careful when meeting a person for the first time. It takes just seven seconds to form an opinion and sometimes, the impression is so strong it cannot be changed for years! There are a few of unforgivable mistakes that most people make when meeting new people.

1. Do not lie, lies are transparent and eventually truth always takes over. We all tell the occasional lie, during interviews or first dates, but they may turn against us. When you talk honestly about things and admit your mistakes as well as your flaws, you’re opening yourself up. The person you are talking to is feeling comfortable and this creates a strong sense of trust. Relationships based on trust are always stronger than those founded on deception.

  1. Trying too hard.

It is rather easy to tell when someone is trying too hard to impress. Open up gradually to people until you feel they are ready to accept you the way you are, but don’t try too hard to seem someone you are not.

  1. Being too open.

Sometimes you feel so connected to a person you feel the strong desire to share all your life story. It is not a very good idea for a first impression. Don’t be too open up as you may come across as lacking in maturity and seriousness. Don’t talk too much about your personal life without asking anything about the other person’s life as you will see things getting awkward really soon.

  1. Don’t be scared of pauses.

Pauses in conversations are normal. Don’t try to fill them up with inappropriate jokes as you will get the opposite reaction of what you are hoping for. Try not to be pushy, if a conversation does not flow, it will drown. Let it go and say good bye with dignity.

  1. Don’t be too nosy.

It is a really good idea to show genuine interest in a new acquaintance but be careful not to seem too nosy. Take an interest in their opinions, ask them questions but if you feel there is a particular topic they are avoiding, do not insist. Also, remember not to turn a friendly conversation into an interrogation. Don’t ask to many questions, especially private ones when you meet someone for the first time.