Fantastic Effect If You Put The Tongue On The Palate And Breathe For 1 Minute

I know that this gesture seems strange, and when you read the title you are sure you think it’s a trick, but in fact, this process only brings you benefits. Now you’re probably wondering what happens if you keep your tongue on the palate and breathe for 60 seconds? The effect on the body is one that you certainly didn’t expect.

Dr. Andrew Weil discovered an amazing method of combating insomnia, relaxing the mind, and relieving stress. A lot of people are stressed because of work, family life or other problems. In addition to sports and healthy eating, you could also try this daily exercise, and with time you will see that the body will be more relaxed. All you have to do is breathe for 60 seconds while keeping your tongue stuck to the palate. This exercise will eliminate states of anxiety, stress and will help you sleep much more quietly.

Fight against insomnia
You may feel weird while doing this exercise, but after 60 seconds you will feel the need to sleep and the night will be a quiet one for you. Insomnia affects your sleep, your body, and the next day you are not as effective. The human body needs sleep.

How you proceed:
There is no need for a device to try this procedure, and all you have to do is keep your toungue sticked to the mouth for 60 seconds. The trick will be a good one for you and you will feel much better after you try it. All you need to know is how to put your tongue on the palate and how to breathe. This amazing method was discovered by physician Andrew Weil.

You get rid of stress
The whole body will relax and the mind will be much clearer. Touch the palate with the tip of the tongue and breath normally, then exhale and lower the tongue. This amazing technique is known as the breathe technique 4-7-8.