How To Fall Asleep in Just 1 Minute

A peaceful and good sleep is key to a healthy life. If you have insomnia or simply you can not rest, I will reveal you a trick that will help you fall asleep in just 1 minute.

If you can not sleep, breathe through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, let it out through your mouth for eight seconds. According to researchers, this exercise has a similar effect as the chemical substances have on the brain, slowing heartbeat and helping you to sleep. It is advisable also to have the mobile phone and other electronic devices as far away from you, to not distract you.

How does the trick works 
Researchers say very stressed or anxious people are not breathing properly. When you inhale for four seconds, you push yourself to inhale more oxygen. When you hold your breath for seven seconds, then exhale for eight seconds, you will remove carbon dioxide from the lungs. More oxygen in the body gives you the feeling of slight dizziness and has a sedative effect. Under these conditions, heart, brain and your body can finally relax.

This trick is amazing, you can use it anytime, even on your children! This sleeping method is called “4-7-8 Method”. This technique can be used in the morning and evening. After eight weeks, you can increase the frequency from 4 to 8. You feel the beneficial effects, and the sleep will come faster and its quality will be enhanced.