The Easiest Slimming Diet During Summer

I cannot  say that is a diet in the true sense of the word – nutritionists recommend also eating regular food, but enter in your diet as much watermelon as you can. Do not think you’ll gain weight – on the contrary! Watermelon contains 92% water, so you will get rid of hunger and cravings for sweet and you take off those extra kilos.

Summer is the perfect period for this diet because you find watermelon at every corner, is cheap, you will always be hydrated and of course, you will look better.

What should you do?

Rule no 1: Quit drinking juices and eating sweet fruits and replace them with watermelon and water. Watermelon contains natural sugars necessary in a diet. In addition, the feeling of fullness that gives you will make you to get rid of overeating.

Rule no 2: Reduce your food portions. Continue to eat normally, but reduces the quantities in order to reduce calories and forcing the body to burn the stored fats. Complete your portions with watermelon. So you will not feel like forcing you to lose weight or stay hungry.

Rule no 3: Eat watermelon for dessert. We know it’s hard, but quit for five days of desserts full of calories and opt instead for a delicious watermelon. No calories, full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, is sufficiently sweet and refreshing – what can you want more?