Your Ears Have a Secret! Discover It Right Now!

Every human is unique, but do you know there are only two types of ears for all humans on Earth? Discover the secret behind your ears. It is very interesting to find something about you according to your type of ear!

 Type 1 has the earlobes attached to the head and the second type has them a bit far away. This fact is strongly connected with genetics.

Individuals, whose earlobes are connected to the head, have weaker genes than the second group, the one with detached earlobes. Chances are, kids will inherit more traits from the parent with stronger genes.

There are also a few personality traits that experts managed to assign to both groups. The group of people whose earlobes are detached display more scientific traits, are independent, sure of themselves and owners of a strong character.

The second group on the other hand, is often characterized as antisocial, difficult and less friendly people. At the same time, most of world leaders have been known to be part of the second group.