How To Distinguish Natural Honey And Artificial Honey

We can easily say that honey is one of the healthiest ingredients on the planet! Honey contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. The type and quantity of vitamins and minerals depends on the type of flowers used. Typically, honey contains vitamin C, calcium and iron. Has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it is often used as a natural antiseptic in traditional medicine. It is also effective in removing free radicals from the body. But what about artificial honey and how do we distinguish it from the natural one?

Unfortunately, probably due to the high price, people often buy honey from the supermarket, which is quite artificial, containing only sugars.

A recent study conducted by a group of experts from Food Safety News, found that up to 76% of all honey available in supermarkets was processed by ultrafiltration. What this means – well, this filtering process removes impurities such as traces of wax and pollen. You should also know that honey producers say that this process is “important” in order to prevent honey to crystallize and to extend the life of their products. The bad thing is that many consumers do not know that pollen is extremely important and beneficial for our bodies. And the false honey doesn’t contain it.

How do you recognize fake honey?

If your honey is not “crystallized” after a certain time, there is a good chance to be false honey, because pure honey crystallize when is stored in the refrigerator.
This is also very important – you should always read the labels! Yes, always read the label on honey, and if it contains commercial glucose or corn syrup, high fructose, avoid it.
Or you can try this method as well – just add a few drops of iodine in a glass of water and add a tablespoon of honey afterwards. If your honey become blue, that means it was combined with cornstarch.
Another method to test the honey is to add a few drops of vinegar in a mixture of water with honey. If you see foam, honey is false. You can put a spoon of honey in a glass of water. If the honey doesn’t dissolve, it is pure.