Dangerous Ingredients Found In Cosmetic Products

Many people can’t imagine life without cosmetics. Whether it’s about creams, make-up products and cleansing solutions, all of these cosmetics contain a lot of substances, more or less dangerous. 

According to a study, women use up to 12 personal care products daily, while men use 6. The total ingredients from these products is around 125 chemicals that can affect the body. Being the largest organ from the body, the skin absorbs more than 60% of these substances.

Here are the substances from your cosmetic products:

Parabens:Parabens are widely used as preservatives in many cosmetics or personal hygiene. In laboratory tests on animals and tissues, it has been observed that they can cause endocrine disturbances, but it’s unclear if they have the same effect on human beings. In any case, only two compounds from the parabens category (methylparaben and ethylparaben) are permitted in the EU. Parabens can be found in makeup, body wash, deodorants, shampoos and face cleansers, as well as in food and pharmaceuticals.

Phthalates: These compounds are widely used in cosmetics – soaps, shower gels, fixative, even nail polish. In the animal tests was proven that the reproductive system and endocrine system is affected. This was enough to cause the banning of 5 compounds from their category in Australia and in another six countries from Europe. These effects haven’t been proven on poeple, the effect of prolonged exposure to small amounts is unknown.

Formaldehyde, another substance blamed by doctors: this is a preservative that has an irritating potential for the eyes, skin, nose and respiratory system when exposure to large quantities occurs. They are found in small quantities in cosmetics, especially in chemical hair straighteners and nail varnishes or adhesives, and are mainly used in the wood industry.