How To Correctly Wash Your Jeans

There are some simple tricks that can help you to take better care of your favorite pair of jeans. For example, try to wear at least ten times before you throw them in the washing machine. Remember these rules every time you wash or dry your jeans and they will look like in the first day you bought them! Let’s find out how to correctly wash your jeans!

1. Wash them rarely than usual

When you often wash your jeans, their color loses its intensity very quickly. If you do not like to wash your laundry,  good news is that jeans do not need to be washed too often. In fact, they should be washed as rare as possible, to avoid discoloration.

2. Wash the jeans in cold water

When should you wash your jeans, you should do it with cold water. Also, turn them upside down to keep their color intensity as much as possible. When you wash them, first add two teaspoons of salt, because salt helps to stabilize the fabric paint.

3. If you can, hand wash your jeans

If you want to wash your jeans and you have a little bitfree time, the best way to preserve your jeans is to wash them by hand. If not, you can use the washing machine programme “hand wash”.

If you follow these rules, your jeans will look great for a longer time than usual.