Choose the Position You Like to Sit in, and We’ll Tell You Everything About Your Character

You have noticed that every person likes to sit in a certain position and it seems to be the most comfortable and convenient for them. But are you aware of the significance of their position? Here are the most popular 10 sitting positions and their meaning.

  1. This is the position usually adopted by strong willed and confident people who are aware of their decisions and their impact. They like to be in control but are also very sociable and rely on communications with relatives and friends.
  2. Leaning back. This position shows a person that is empathic and cannot stay indifferent to other’s feelings. They are careful with their decisions and actions, and take time to analyze things for a long time before acting on it.
  3. Leaning forward. People that like to sit in this position are very curious and interested in lots of things. They are sociable and very easy to befriend.
  4. Legs together. The first impression is that of a very conservative and cold-hearted person, but truth is you are punctual, meticulous and like to stick to a plan. People like this are also very sincere and kind.
  5. Ankles crossed. This person shows pronounced leadership skills as they are always trying to stay informed and keep everything under control. They are open to new friends but rather jealous in relationships.
  6. Legs crossed. Modest and shy, even embarrassed in front of strangers, these people are hardly confident. They want to hide their feelings and emotions from others, so they come across as closed people.
  7. Arms crossed. Serious people with a strong character that don’t like to lose time, they also don’t open to other people even if they feel completely confident.
  8. Hands between legs. People that adopt this position are gentle, sensitive and good-natured. They don’t ignore other’s calls for help and are often rather shy about their own persona.
  9. Hands on the knees. This is the signs of an obvious leader, a bold and confident person. As a rule people that sit up like this are not afraid to take responsibility for other’s decisions, and are quick at solving problems.
  10. Hands locked together. Emotional, impulsive and amiable are the words that best describe a person that likes to sit up like this. They are cheerful and optimistic, loving to communicate with different people.