How Your Brain Can Help To Heal You

 The human mind is extremely powerful and can help you ease your pain and even get rid of serious illness. Our brain is very very powerful and it’s time to learn how to use the gift that nature gave to us. In this article you will learn some tips on how your brain can help to heal you!

Focus on a virtual reality
Scientists have discovered ways to get rid of pain and how to can even cure yourself with the power of thought.  Numerous studies have shown that if you focus on a virtual reality, you can reduce pain by 15-40%.

Try hypnosis therapy
Hypnotherapy or hypnosis therapy is very effective for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Studies have shown that this form of treatment has proven very effective for 80% of patients who did not feel any improvement after taking medication. Under hypnosis, people can influence the rate of colon contractions, a process that can not be controlled normally.

Be positive
In experimental treatments, over 700 patients who were undergoing medical procedures such as biopsy or tumor removal experienced less pain and anxiety when they were encouraged and had a positive attitude. In addition, such an attitude reduces the occurrence of complications, and patients need fewer sedatives.

Discuss your problem
A study of 150 terminal lung cancer patients showed that those who discussed their problem had a better quality of life, they were not as depressed as those who had no one to talk to and live with .

Try not to get stressed
In an experimental treatment of 121 patients with multiple sclerosis, those who underwent stress control therapy had fewer brain damage and the disease progressed more slowly.

Studies have shown that people that practice meditation have a higher level of telomerase, an enzyme that protects against cellular aging.