The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making When You Fix Your Eyebrows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows play a great role in your appearance. They can make or break any look, this is why their shape and color are so important.Are you taking care of your eyebrows at home, relying on your personal experience and not seeking the advice of any professional?

Are you completely sure you are not skipping any steps along the way?

Be careful not to skip one of the most important things that could have a great impact over the health of your eyes: proper cleaning and disinfection of your tweezers. Clean it with alcohol before and after using it, to make sure you are not endangering your eyes with any bacteria.

Furthermore, try to avoid these common mistakes that can ruin the overall aspect of your lovely eyebrows:

  1. Avoid symmetry. Surely this comes as a surprise, but obsessing over symmetry usually leads to disastrous results as you may be inclined to over-pluck them. Your eyebrows are not meant to be perfectly identical and they are supposed to be sisters, not twins.
  2. Don’t go crazy with your dark brow filler. Don’t try to fill in your brows with the exact color as your natural hair, as this will make your look seem rather harsh. Opt for a medium taupe shade of eyebrow filler that goes great with most eyebrow shades.
  3. Over-plucking your eyebrows is the worst thing you could be doing. Drop everything you are doing, and stay away from your eyebrows and mirrors for a while if you feel you may have gone too far. Use pencils or powders to fill in the gaps and maintain an appropriate shape.
  4. Be careful with the make-up brushes as well, as a make-up brush used for your eye shadows will not give you the results you dream of. There are special eyebrow brushes that are meant to help you obtain that polished and perfect look.

Follow our advice, and don’t forget to take care of your incredible eyebrows!