The Best Trick For A Long Lasting Manicure

A ruined manicure is a Hollywood worthy kind of drama or horror nightmare every woman felt at least once in her life.The perfect manicure getting ruined at the most inappropriate moment is a complete disappointment for everyone. The reasons why a manicure cracked under pressure? There can be lots of them, starting with the quality of the products used, or the quality of the process, they all fade in front of the issue.

You may ask yourself what is to be done and how can things or technique be improved.

Well, thing is, getting the perfect manicure is an absolute no brainer at all, easier to obtain than you’ve ever expected.

You don’t need any special products at all. Just follow one simple advice to ensure you have the perfect manicure for almost an entire week.

All that you need is a nail removing solution. Even if your nails are clean, your cuticles are all trimmed and there is no trace of the older nail polish, you still need to clean your nails with an extra pad dipped in nail removing solution. This action will remove any trace of grease and dirt from the surface of your nail.

This way, your nail will become the perfect surface for any nail polish, as the product will adhere better if there are less chances to slip or move while drying out.

You can follow this with the application of a simple base and then the regular nail polish. Another trick is applying a transparent layer of nail polish every other 2 days to give the nails a polished and sparkling look.

Cleaning your nails of any natural grease is the secret no saloon will let slip away, but they are all doing it in order to have clients getting addicted to the perfect manicures.