Benefits Of Lifting Up Your Legs for 20 Minutes Every Day

This exercise is a real therapy and has a lot of benefits for our health. Just think of how much effort the heart exerts to pump the blood to reach the extremities, and the process of returning blood to the feet. Because of this, varices often occur. This exercise will make you feel better and will make your feet to get a harmonious form.

  • to sit in a correct position, put a pillow under the spin
  • lift your legs and support them against the wall. The hands should stand beside the body, relaxed
  • stay about 20 minutes in this position
  • wear commode clothes while doing this exercise

5 advantages of this technique

1. Reduce swelling of the legs

Poor circulation causes swelling of the feet. This can also be caused by excess of weight, kidney, heart, unhealthy eating, and some medications. To remove the cause, you first have to discover it. Raising the legs contributes to the normal circulation of fluids in the body.When you get home, lift your legs up, while you’re standing on the wall.

2.Treat the restless leg syndrome

This method removes the tension from the feet, from the soles to the thighs. Change your feet position for 20 minutes to make them healthy.

3. Improves digestion

If you keep your feet above the head, then the body releases fluid retention and improves digestion.This position also restores inner balance and treats constipation.

4.Relax the nervous system

This exercise restores breathing. Also, this exercise has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and lowers the tension in the area of ​​the temples, the throat and the abdomen.

5. Provides psychic peace

Do this exercise every day. For psychic and physical silence, you only need 20 minutes.You will see how your body will fill with harmony, energy and peace.