Avoid Mosquito Bites Using This Amazing Mixture!

Summer is already around the corner and unfortunately, it brings together with sun and hot temperatures another things we are not looking forward to. One such less pleasant gift is the appearance of mosquitos and all sorts of smaller insects that are a real summer night nightmare!

They invade parks that are a relaxation paradise after a hot day in a heated office. They get in your homes uninvited and keep you up all night with their noise.

And most importantly, the mosquito bites that look so unaesthetic and can get easily infected, causing real headaches and scratching issues.

Still, this is not even the worst case scenario. You must not forget about the diseases mosquitos can spread away. They are the carriers of some of the most dangerous diseases in the world. One tiny bite is enough to infect with lethal viruses such as malaria, Zika, yellow fever, Chikunhunya disease, encephalitis and many other exotic and common diseases. It is also a popular carrier of Hepatitis C that is very often incurable.

These are the main reasons you should always be alert when you start hearing their characteristic noise around.

Mosquito repellent products are sold almost in every store and there are some sprays that are quite efficient in keeping the small, annoying insects away. Still, all these products are chemically obtained and their smell is quite disturbing. Some of the sprays contain hard toxins that irritate the skin and the respiratory system.

Take this into account and turn towards natural remedies that are just as effective!

There is a foolproof trick that will keep you mosquito free all summer long!

Prepare a mixture of a teaspoon of vanilla, 30 drops of eucalypt or lemon oil and 120 ml of pure alcohol or vodka.

Mix them well together and spray a small quantity every other 4 hours for the best results!