Avoid Eye Drops In These 3 Situations

Eye drops are sold over the counter and are a real relief when our eyes get dry or ready red. Our eyes get affected by long exposure to the computer as well as insomnia. Called ‘’artificial tears’’ these eye drops are a real blessing but there are a few situations when you should by all means avoid using them!

If you suspect an eye infection!

Don’t run to the refrigerator to get out your eye drops when you suspect having caught an eye infection! These affections should be treated by a doctor only!

Book an appointment if you have the following symptoms: your eye got red, your eyelid is swollen, you feel like you have an object in your eye, unusual eye discharges, eye dryness or even excessive eye watering.

Common eye drops do not treat eye infections, and don’t try any natural remedies! See a doctor!

Expired eye drops!

Remember that eye drops are best to be used 30 days after buying them, even if the date on the package says otherwise. It’s obvious you will not use an expired eye product but don’t rely on dates with eye drops. Keep in mind that once opened, they are an easy target for lots of bacteria and if used more than advised, will infect your eyes.

Exaggerated use.

Eye drops are in no case to be used on a daily bases! They are recommended from time to time when you feel your eyes very dry. If your eyes feel dry for many days, you should go and see a doctor.

You should also avoid using eye drops too much because they contain ingredients that may affect the eyes in the long run. Instead of using them a few times per day, take a couple of breaks from the computer to relax your eyes.

Your eyes get dry rather often if you: use a room humidifier, are a smoker, lack Omega 3.