How To Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

Among the main reasons women turn towards professionals to get their nails polished are the quality, aspect and the durability of the manicures they get in return. Still, next time you consider making an appointment, remember there are countless tips and tricks that are easy to apply in the comfort of your own home for a DIY professional manicure.

Here are some step by steps tips on the perfect homemade manicure:

  1. Forget all you think you know, and make room for some new wisdom.
  2. Through away harsh chemicals. The best way to prepare the canvas, aka your nails, for a new manicure, is to remove all the traces of the old one. This time try some new products, such as non-acetone polish removers that will not damage your nails in the long run.
  3. Use press-on. While oil fasteners can be damaging, acetate press-on don’t cause any damage to your nail. If you have impaired nails just apply a fast press-on to cover the impairment and avert nail polish from seeping on, thus avoiding irritation.
  4. Use a coat. Always. Use. A coat! These products are specially designed from keeping your nails from turning an unhealthy shade of yellow. Always apply the coat before going further to the nail polish. Let it dry for a good 4 to 5 minutes.
  5. Apply 2 coats of polish, this is a trick stolen from salon professionals. Remember to allow each coat to dry off before applying the next one. This will assure you better manicure quality.
  6. Let your nails dry. Don’t hurry up to get it over with. The hardest part about a manicure is letting it dry properly before using your hands and making sure you don’t ruin it afterwards. Fresh nail polish is really easy to smudge so be extra careful at home.
  7. Always use a top coat. This will finish off the look in a really nice and neat manner. Top coats are also used to give the manicure extra-resistance.
  8. Choose quality products. Getting a brand nail polish is great both for your manicure as much as for your nails. A good nail polish will not damage your nails or be easy to come off during accidents.
  9. Prepare all the ingredients you need for a manicure beforehand. Avoid starting to look for something with freshly polished nails that will get damaged in the process.
  10. Allow yourself a few hours for the perfect manicure. Don’t start painting your nails if you are pressured by time because then you will not have enough time to let your polish dry off properly.
  1. Always keep your eyes on the expiration date of your polish. The best advice related to manicures, is to always use new polishes, because the old ones will make your manicure seem sloppy and thick and will not be durable.