Amazing Natural Recipe To Get Rid Of Brown Spots

Brown spots occur on the skin after excessive sun exposure and they are visible after few weeks we return from the pool/beach. They are unsightly and represent a reaction of the skin pigmentation. Through this brown pigment, the skin prevent UV penetration in the deep skin’s layers. Brown spots are like a natural shield that defend the skin of injuries.

These brown spots affects especially areas like nose, cheekbones, shoulders and the back of hands.Sometimes the stains can occur at the neckline. These areas are often sensitive and the most exposed to the sun, being also the areas that suffer burns.

In this article you will find a great homemade recipe that will help you to get rid of brown spots in a natural way. First step is to protect more these sensitive areas from sun exposure. Also, is important to apply a sunscreen with high protection.


– 6 tablespoons of jojoba oil

– 10 ml of oily Vitamin A

– 30 capsules of Vitamin E

– juice from one lemon

– 2 smashed capsules of Aspirin

Procedure: Mix the ingredients in the suggested order, until homogenization. Put the obtained mixture in a recipient and restore it at the fridge. Apply the mixture every morning, every night and after every shower, on the affected areas.

The vitamins intensely nourish the skin, so it stimulates the regeneration and local detoxification.

Jojoba oil is best in treating various diseases or disorders of the skin, with the nearest structure of human sebum. Jojoba oil creates a protective film on the skin, a kind of “shield” that protects against environmental aggression. Also, maintains skin hydration (do not let the water out of skin cells).

Lemon juice contains vitamin C (an essential vitamin for the skin) and antioxidants that “fade” delicate the skin and this is how, in time, the brown spots disappear. Aspirin helps in local disinfection and protects the skin against pimples. It also stimulates local circulation.

Amazing Natural Recipe To Get Rid Of Brown Spots