9 Ways to remove cigarette smell from your home and car

The smell of cigarettes is unmistakable, omnipresent and difficult to tolerate by nonsmokers. Whether cigarette smoke produces allergies or you just don’t like hair and clothes being impregnated with this scent, here are some tips that teach you how to remove the cigarette smell in your house or car.

An effective method of getting rid of cigarette smell is the use of hydrogen peroxide. Other solutions available to anyone who wants to get rid of the smell of cigarettes are:

1. Constantly wash the things from the room. A good sanitization of the home and car things is essential to get rid of the cigarette smell, along with the good ventilation of the place where people smoked.

2 Use the vacuum cleaner. Before using chemicals or other desperate solutions that are harmful for health, vacuum the smell left by cigarette smoke on the furniture and upholstery, such as the car. Also, vacuum the carpets from the car, removing the covers from time to time to thoroughly clean the inside of the car.

3. Vinegar and citrus. A white vinegar bowl or citrus peels left overnight to act are very effective when you need to get rid of the smell of cigarettes.

4. Baking soda is a constantly used solution to clean the sofa, carpet or car seat. Sprinkle baking soda from place to place and left for several hours to act. Finally, clean with a vacuum cleaner.

5. Use the coffee grounds from a quality coffee to get rid of the smell of cigarettes. Pour the coffee grounds into several closed filters so that it doesn’t stain any surface and let it absorb the smell of the cigarette in the room.

6. Ventilate well the air from the room or the car. Open all windows and doors to eliminate the smell of cigarettes.

7. Put charcoal in a bowl, and let it act for a week. It will absorb the smell of cigarette in about a week.

8. Use dilute ammonia to clean cigarette butts from linoleum, glass, and wood surfaces.

9. Clean the light bulbs because they attract smoke of any kind.