7 Ways to reuse old T-shirts

Did you select the clothes you no longer use and are you preparing to throw off the t-shirts or blouses you’re giving up? Instead of throwing them, you can donate or recycle, turning them into things you can enjoy for a while.

Hair accessory – From a t-shirt you no longer use, you can make a headband useful when cleaning your house or doing sports. Cut a wider strip and stitch the sides, then the ends to not fall apart.

Plant strips – With strips cut from an old t-shirt, you can tie the plants to the wooden rods. In this way, the plants don’t risk bending too much and break!

Shopping bag – Why throw a good-looking T-shirt that no longer attracts you to wear it? You can cut and sew well so that you can make it a strong enough bag for your weekly shopping. It will be much better if it has a special print or message. You will have a resistant and original bag.

Original paintings – If you have an old T-shirt with a special print, to which you care too much donate it, cut off the print and place it into a frame. You will get a unique picture.

Pillowcase – You can put your old t-shirt on the pillow you usually sleep on. The only condition is to be large enough to fit.

Pieces of cloth for dishes and cleaning – Cut the shirt in rectangles so you can use it in the kitchen, wiping the dishes. It’s useful to have pieces of cloth in the house for cleaning, dust removal, window cleaning etc.

Unique blanket – Do you have more printed T-shirts you no longer intend to dress on? Cut them into squares or rectangles and sew between them to make a blanket that you will appreciate more than a blanket from the store because you made it by yourself.

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