7 Useless Cosmetic Products

Beauty specialists have reached an unanimous conclusion: there are lots of beauty products that are completely useless and their only achievement is making people waste money. Read on and discover the products you could throw away and stop buying.

Eyelash primer- lots of women want longer lashes, but a mascara and an eyelash curler can work just as good.

All the products that have the word “cellulite” on the label are a complete waste of money and time. This is one product that has proven useless countless of times, but companies are still trying to sell them.

Face water sprays- why? You can do just as good with tap water, there is no need to buy expensive bottled water that you would spray on your face, and it is absolutely the same thing as normal, tap water.

Shaving cream for women- before the apparition of shower gels, the shaving cream had an important role- the one of softening the hair and helping the razor slide on the skin. Nowadays, all the shower gels contain enough hydrating ingredients that make shaving cream useless.

Shampoo and other products for damaged hair. Unfortunately, damaged hair cannot be repaired by any means or with any miracle products. The various serums can only create the illusion of softer and shinier hair, but damaged hair has the simplest treatment- a haircut.

Cuticle oil- seems like a legit product, but is useless as there is no oil in the world that can prevent skin from growing.

Hand cream, foot cream and body cream. These are all results of clever marketing, as people have been instructed to think they need creams for different body parts. Truly, in most of the cases, the face does indeed need a personalized beauty routine, but for the rest parts, you can use the same cream because they all work following the same principles.