7 Foods you should never freeze

Freezing certain foods can provide them freshness for a longer time, and when they are defrosted, they can be consumed without risk. Although it seems a valid solution in any situation, there are 7 foods that you should never freeze. They lose their taste, texture and can affect your health.

Not always the freezer can help you avoid food waste. In some situations, frozen foods lose their taste, texture, flavor and eventually you have to throw them away.

If you want to enjoy their taste, then avoid freezing these foods. When stored at very low temperatures, these products lose their properties and become an enemy for your health.

Here are 7 foods you should never freeze

1. Avocado
When it comes to avocados, opinions are divided. While some people think it can be frozen only after being cut in half, other voices claim that when it is frozen, avocado loses its silky texture and its taste changes completely.

2. Pork, seafood and chicken
If you defrost them, and then you found that you would not use the whole amount, avoid freezing pork, seafood or chicken again. Thawing these products can lead to the development of dangerous and potentially life-threatening bacteria.

3. Boiled pasta
Boiled pasta shouldn’t be frozen and consumed later. When they are thawed, they will accumulate more water and lose their taste.

4. Soft cheese
Soft cheese like Camembert, Brie cheese, goat cheese and ricotta cheese shouldn’t be frozen. Stored at very low temperatures, they will lose their texture.

5. Milk
Once it’s placed in a freezer, milk will no longer be good for drinking, and if you want to consume it, then you should avoid this way of keeping it. However, thawed milk can be used for cooking.

6. Cooked foods
If you have cooked certain foods by boiling, don’t store them in a freezer. It will accumulate a large amount of water and when are thawed it will lose their taste.

7. Cucumbers
If some vegetables can be kept perfectly in the freezer, this is not the case with cucumbers. They contain a large amount of water and for this reason they will lose their texture and flavor when they are frozen.

Never freeze these foods