6 Ways to make your office a healthier place

Every day you spend at least eight hours in the office, and that can affect your health. That’s why you have to keep in mind a few rules that will help you transform your workspace, in order to feel physically and mentally well.

Remember to get up of the chair
People working in the office should move for at least two hours a day to avoid the risks of sedentary disease, according to a British study made in 2015. Getting up of the chair and walking at least once at every two hours, are essential for bone health. In addition, this execution can increase your productivity and help you better focus on what you are doing.

There are mobile apps that remind you to take breaks at regular intervals. Some even offer suggestions about the exercises you can do at work.

Air the workspace well
Not airy spaces can cause allergies, rashes or headaches. Even if you don’t have physical symptoms, the air in the office may affect your working capacity. A 2015 study made by Harvard University researchers, shows that employees working in properly ventilated offices are more productive than those who don’t air their workspace at all.

Add a plant in your office
Maybe you can’t move your office in nature, but you can move a small part of nature into your office. Buying a plant can be a great way to inspire creativity and induce a sense of relaxation. Choose the green plant with leaves rather than the cactus with spines, that can distract your attention.

Decorate your office
Decorating the office can help you feel more comfortable, which can reduce stress at work. But to avoid overcrowding of space, which can have an adverse effect on what you expect, just pick some pictures of your loved ones, put them in the frame so that the office is still airy.

Don’t forget about aromatherapy
Citrus flavor can make you feel positive and help to improve the brain functions. Stop using candles and strongly fragrant sticks that use artificial flavors. Better choose a fragrance diffuser with essential oils that emits a subtle, natural smell.

Don’t at the office anymore
One of the best things you can do for health is to get up from the office and go into the specially designed space to eat. Thus, your brain will have a well-earned break.