6 Tibetan Exercises For a 80% Better Vision

There are many stories about these strange and mysterious people, who sometimes call themselves super-men living. In the Tibet area, these people amaze the whole world with their incredible and inaccessible abilities and powers to the ordinary man.

It seems that for generations, the people of Tibet have used secret methods to correct and improve their vision, and one of the most important methods that has proven its efficacy over time will be presented to you in this article.

This figure was made by Tibetan Lama monks, used to practice certain exercises to stimulate muscles and nerves from the optic system level. The eyes focus in a very similar way that a photo camera does, and few minutes of practice both in the morning and in the evening are enough to see great improvements.

Here are the Tibetan exercises to get a better view using the image from the picture:

1. Each palm, kept in the shape of a cup, covers your eyes to relax for 1 minute;

2. Move your eyes clockwise – around the outer points from the image;

3. Repeat the same exercise, but counterclockwise;

4. Move your eyes back and forth between 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock;

5. Repeat the same movement back and forth between 4 and 10 o’clock;

6. Gently light the eyes for a few moments and end the exercise with the relaxation procedure from the point 1.

Tip: These exercises are performed without glasses, and each move should be done for 30 seconds. Your back should stand straight and don’t move your head from one side to the other during exercise.