6 Signs You May Be Addicted to Coffee

What starts as a hobby and out of pleasure, can often turn to a threatening addiction and coffee makes no exception. Coffee is the only way reason many of us function during the day, it’s helping us start a new day and there are few pleasures in life that compare to its rich, hot, roasted aroma in the morning.

Still, mesmerizing as it is, coffee can also get you hooked on caffeine and that is not a very good idea. Too much coffee can result in sleeping problems, heart palpitations and nervousness.

The signs of coffee addiction are all here and they are easy to notice:

  1. Regular coffee drinkers get strong headaches if they miss their morning cup of coffee. Caffeine is known to produce changes in the cerebral blood flow, so that is why any change of dosage will have its say in your well-being.
  2. Super grumpy. Hating everyone and feeling super grumpy before getting a cup of coffee is explained by the fact that caffeine stimulates the dopamine receptors and they make you feel good afterwards. Without coffee the body relies on itself to create and maintain your mood.
  3. Concentration issues without caffeine. You are a certified caffeine addict if your brain is foggy and you cannot focus without your daily dose.
  4. If you keep increasing the quantity for the same effect it means your body built a considerable tolerance towards caffeine’s effects. This is a decisive point: should you drink more coffee, or cut back and feel the withdrawals for a while?
  5. Feeling nervous and anxious for no apparent reason. This may be a particular consequence of coffee. Not every body reacts the same way. But if the feelings of anxiety and stress keep increasing, you should really consider on cutting it back.
  6. You can’t imagine life without coffee. This is the most important sign of a real addict.

If you decided it is time to give up coffee, consider doing it slowly, lower the dosage, take your time, don’t shock your body.