5 Things Men Hate About Single Women

Single women have always been an enigma for men. They are independent and they like to stay single. They don’t need anyone’s help and relationships are not as important as having a career. This way they manage to keep all men at a distance and they only let serious men come closer.

Apart from the reasons that make all the single ladies real enigmas, there are some things that men hate at the same time. These 5 things make men keep their distance.

  1. Their indifference. Indifference is something that affects any man. Not answering calls and ignoring messages is not something that attracts them. This is something that will make men lose interest eventually.
  2. They hurry up the relationship. Single women are more concerned about their biological clock ticking than any other woman. They start hurrying the relationship hoping to get to a serious step sooner.
  3. They want a good guy but keep attracting bad boys. Good guys get tired really soon if all they hear about is the previous bad boys that were in the life of the single woman. Getting the standards straight would help in choosing a partner.
  4. Treating the pet as a family member. Seeing a woman treat her cat or dog as a child or a man is not healthy nor is it attractive. It is perfectly fine to care about one’s pet, but there should be a limit. Men don’t like to hear all about Kitty for the entire date.
  5. Being stubborn and independent is something that turns men off. One should always know there are limits to doing things on her own and women should accept some help from men every now and then. Men like to save a damsel in distress and it makes them feel good when they are offered the chance to show some chivalry.