5 Products You Should Never Use on Your Face

Various unusual beauty recipes and rituals have become rather popular lately. The truth is, not all of them are going to do well to your skin. Some of the products are actually prohibited from being used on the sensitive skin of your face. Remember the products that should not come in contact with your face at any time.

  1. Tooth paste. Tooth paste is an ingredient that made its way in various face products but very few women are aware of the fact that this product should not come in contact with your face. The ingredients can cause rashes, especially if the skin is sensible.
  2. Hair spray. Many women think hair spray is a product that is going to make make-up last longer. This is totally not true, as it will only clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing.
  3. Lemon is very healthy as a fruit, recommended in lots of detox and weight losing diets, but lemon is best used in teas or as a fruit. The acid contained in the lemon juice can destroy the sensible skin.
  4. You are aware of the fact that a diet rich in sugar causes to the apparition of acne and zits? Well, you should also be informed of the fact that sugar masks have the same outcome as having a few sweets for dessert. Avoid sugar if your goal is to have a clean and fresh face.
  5. Body lotion. Not all body lotions are universal and can be applied both on your body and face. This is why you should read carefully the instructions and if they mention that the lotion is to be used on your body only, keep it away from your face. Your face skin is a lot more sensible than the one on your body and it is not recommended to be cared for with any body lotion.