4 Tricks to remove negative energies from your home

Negative energies can affect your mood and health of you don’t clean them periodically. How do negative energies appear and how to remove them from our home? Let’s find out 4 amazing tricks to get rid of negative energy.

They are produced by the negative thoughts of the past owners, the negative emotions of the current owners, the fields of electronic devices (telephones, computers, microwaves, hair dryers), old objects, furniture (old or new), old jewelry and hand made products.

Burn wormwood or incense
Open the door from the entrance and the windows. Burn the wormwood and spread the smoke in all the rooms. You should start from the back to the front. Then do the same with incense.

Put salt at corners, windows and entrance
Place some salt in every corner of the room and clean it after 48 hours and throw it. The salt will absorb negative energy. For even more protection, add saffron in salt. Tibetans say negative energies will avoid the spaces in which saffron has been used.

Before putting salt to the windows, clean the windows with a solution prepared with juice from 5 lemons, a cup of salt, 1/4 cup of vinegar and a cup of water. If your solution seems too concentrated, use gloves.

Use crystals
Black tourmaline attracts negative energies. Put a crystal in each corner of the room to form a barrier against negative energies. Tourmaline also absorbs electromagnetic energy, so it is advisable to keep a crystal near the Internet router, TV, computer or other devices to protect you. Keep the black tourmaline in your hand and get rid of the negative energies you have on you.

A little music
How are the homes from horror movies? Blind, dark and quiet! The spaces where there is no noise draw negative energy. Fortunately, the sound can clean the negative energy. Get a bell and use it in every room to disperse the negative energies.