4 Simple Secrets To Eat Less

Eating in excess is one of the main causes of obesity and the enemy of any diet, but this habit doesn’t only affect your physical appearance. In the long run, excess eating can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Eating smaller portions is an effective strategy, but it’s possible to eat less without feeling hungry for a whole day.

Plan your meals!
Big changes in diet don’t start in the kitchen, start at the behavioral level. In order to eat less and make healthier choices, decide what your lunch or dinner menu will be in advance instead of choosing your food just before eating it.

Buy smart
When you go shopping, use your purse or a scarf to split the trolley in half. Fill the front of the trolley with healthy vegetables and foods and reserve the section closer to you for your favorite snacks. You already know that the feeling of hunger during shopping, that can make you buy everything in the store, and of course, eating very much when you arrive home.

Focus on satiety, not quantity
Quantification of calories is not always an exact system, but there are some secrets that will help you eat less, without embarrassing yourself. A diet is less likely to turn into a healthy lifestyle if you perceive it as a period of full restrictions that you only think about cheesecake, so forget about counting calories and focus instead on the of satiety offered by food.

Order half a portion

Even if you’ve managed to live up to your nutritional plan and cook well, taking dinner in town is always a challenge when you’re on the diet. Fresh salads are not the only solution! Make balanced choices by choosing a healthy meal: fresh vegetables, lettuce and fruit are a great option. Also, some restaurants allow you to order half a portion, dividing the same meal for two. If the restaurant doesn’t accept serving half a portion, ask the waiter if he can pack your the rest for later.