4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cut Your Cuticles

Manicure is not only about to choose your perfect model for nails, but also to look healthy and groomed. And this involves taking care of the whole of hand, including skin and cuticles. Cutting cuticles is practiced in all wards, but is this and healthy? It seems not. In this article you will read about some reasons you shouldn’t cut your cuticles.

Cuticle links the skin and the nail, forming a bridge against infections. Therefore, their removal is not the best decision you can take. That is why we must leave uncut your cuticles!

Your manicurist has no idea what is doing – It may sound like a horror story, but at manicure special courses this process simply is not done. At the courses that future manicurists make, they learns to push nail cuticles to clean and remove the excess of skin, not to entirely cut the cuticle. Therefore, often, your nails look as if it had been hacked.

You allow germs to get under the nail – The cuticle is a bridge that protects the rest of the nail and skin. If you cut it , you do no more than show the germs the way into in your body. These seeds can be viruses, herpes, fungi, bacteria or warts. Does not sound too good, right?

The cuticles become painful, and may inflame – Your cuticles may look good few days, but then become red and painful. Also can appear white spots on the nail when the root is affected in the process of removing the cuticle. Sometimes the inflammation can turn into real infections because is a favorable environment for bacteria to develop. You even risk to lose your nails!

You have to keep to cut them all the time – If you think your cuticles growth process is too fast, then it is. Just because you cut them often, they tend to grow faster and increasingly unsightly. Some day you will think the some fish scales grow on your nails. The ideal solution is to push the skin under the nail and cut only the excess without going too deep. In this way, the is no infection risk and cuticles growth process is slowed.