4 Moments Of The Day To Drink Water To Stay Healthy

We already know that water is vital to the proper functioning of the body, but nutritionists warn that it doesn’t matter how much water we drink, but also when we drink it. Water is the best moisturizer, the best energizer, and if you drink it properly, you can enjoy a powerful health every day. Here are the best times of the day to drink water:

1. Immediately after you wake up – Two glasses of water drunk in the morning, on the empty stomach, helps to activate your internal organs and metabolism. It is important because the body is usually dehydrated after sleep. If you slept for eight hours, it means you have not been drinking liquids for eight hours.┬áMoreover, this simple habit helps colon health, regulates digestion and improves the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients.

2. Before every meal – Do not forget to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. This habit helps digestion, and you will eat less because you already feel fuller and in this way you will keep your weight at the best level.

3.┬áBefore shower – A glass of drinking water before going into the shower will have the effect of lowering blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

4. Before bedtime – During the night, dehydration occurs, but a glass of water drunk before bed will reduce this effect. It also reduces the risk of vascular accidents and infarction, especially in the morning precisely because of thickening of the blood as a result of dehydration.