4 Mistakes parents make during the cold season

The cold season is the time of colds and flu, that scare every parent. It’s not good to fall into the extreme when it comes to protecting the baby against seasonal diseases. Here are the 4 most common mistakes that parents make in the cold season.

Put too many clothes on the baby from October to April
Since the first breeze, many parents turn their baby into a little burrito. Then, they draw his attention not to run anymore, because it will transpire.Thus, most of the children sweat excessively, and the body cools down and, consequently, the children get sick.

How should the baby be dressed during winter?
Adapted to weather, in several layers. Children, especially those in the first months of life, don’t need more layers of clothing than adults.
Children, except the premature ones, have the ability to adjust their body temperature, just as we do.

When it’s cold, wrap it in 2-3 layers of clothing, one of which is necessarily on the skin, and if it starts to run and you’re afraid it will sweat, give one of the layers off. When the child stops playing and his body begins to cool down again, put the layer back on.
If the little one sweats, change him immediately and replace the wet clothes with dry ones.

You keep him with a fur cap on his head all the time, including the house
The cap and scarf are not clothing items to wear since the first breeze, and you have no reason to put them in the house

When are the caps and scarves needed?

When the air is cold, when is snowing and frostiness, to protect the extremities (ears, nose, cheeks) from frost.
Make sure you drop the hat and the scarf down as soon as you get on the bus, car or subway, wherever it is too hot for the hat and scarf.

Put too many clothes the child when has a flu
Unless the child has chills, you don’t have to put three duvets on him. It will warm up even more, it will sweat, and when it comes out from under the duvet it will feel all the extremely cold sweat.

Don’t take small children out
Except when there are extremely low temperatures or it is raining, the baby should take fresh air. Children who spend more time outdoors, in the fresh air, sleep and eat better than those who are rarely taken out of the house.

Baby care mistakes during the cold season