3 Ways to remove cigarette smell from clothes

The smell of cigarettes is the most unpleasant because it penetrates in clothes, in furniture, in wall paint, in anything. The smell of cigarettes is unpleasant even for a smoker, but for a nonsmoker it is absolutely unbearable. Here are some ways to remove this cigarette smell.

The smell of cigarettes is impregnated in everything; if you enter a room with smokers who have lit cigarettes, prepare to get out with the smell of cigarette in your clothes. It’s really very upsetting for a non-smoker to live in cigarette smoke all the time, but I prepared some fast and cheap solutions for you.

1. Coffee can remove the smell of cigarettes from your clothes. It’s easier to wash your clothes, but only if you wore them. If you didn’t manage to wear them, you can put the coffee in a bowl and put the clothes in a big plastic bag that. Hang the bag and place the coffee bowl under the bag

Leave the clothes for a few days until the coffee has completely absorbed the cigarette smell. Afterward, remove the clothes from the plastic bag and let it air to remove the smell of coffee from the clothes.

2. Baking soda and vinegar are very good absorbers. Soak the laundry for an hour in warm water with baking soda and vinegar. Afterwards, wash the laundry normally, also using this mixture.

3. Laundry softener is an alternative for your clothes to smell good and not to have cigarettes or cheap detergents smell. Today there are detergents with softener included, so the laundry can be treated twice: first, they are washed, then they are soft from and with a fresh smell.

However, it is ideal to quit smoking or to avoid cigarette smoke.