20 Reasons To Drink Water With Lemon And Pineapple Daily

It is a well-known fact that water with lemon drunk daily on the empty stomach is healthy and full of benefits. But did you know that adding pineapple juice in the drink improves its benefits?

pH levels are strongly connected to various affections and diseases that affect the body. The drink that contains both lemon and pineapple juice works as a balancing agent and is going to improve your life.

Read on about the benefits of the drink:

  1. Preventing cancer. The combination of water with the juices prevents the apparition of cancer because of the alkaline substances. Studies have shown the fact that cancer cells cannot survive the alkaline medium.
  2. Treating toothaches and gingivitis. Even if it still a mystery how the mixture works for these, there are lots of claims that support the fact that lemon and pineapple work great to alleviate the pain.
  3. Losing weight. Thanks to pectin, lemon cuts down hunger. Studies have shown the fact that people that have followed alkaline diets have seen the best results.
  4. Strong hydration. The fruits hydrate the body thoroughly.
  5. Treating joint pains.
  6. Improving digestion. The citric acid from lemons stimulates digestion.
  7. Stimulates the liver functions as well as cleaning it.
  8. Treating respiratory infections. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the lemon, this drink accelerates the healing process.
  9. Proper working intestines.
  10. Accelerates the metabolism.
  11. Improves immunity. The drink helps the body fight against infections.
  12. Protects the nervous system, healing anxiety and even depression with time.
  13. Blood detox.
  14. Lowering the arterial tension. The mixture helps treat hypertension.
  15. Chancing the body’s chemical composition.
  16. Keeping the aging process at a distance.
  17. Benefits during the pregnancy.
  18. Healing pain and stomach burns.
  19. Keeping the kidneys clean and healthy.
  20. Making the body fight all infections and bacteria.