10 Tips for an easier labor

No matter how much information you have about the pain associated with labor, you will not really understand it until you will experience it. The way you decide to manage it belongs to you. Here are some tips for an easier labor.

Women who stay in shape usually have fewer labor hours. Take a walk, swim, do prenatal exercises. It really helps!

Familiarize yourself with the stages of birth and the procedures that relax you in those moments. You will feel less anxiety if you know what happens to your baby and your body during birth.

Choose the person who will be with you during the birth. The support coming from her is very important.

At first birth, labor lasts, on average, from 12 to 14 hours. So don’t worry since the first contractions you will feel in the lower back because it will last many hours until the baby is born. Take an easy walk, a shower or other activities that relax you.

Take a light snack. It can help and energize you. But avoid heavy and fatty foods!

Take a shower. The pain can cause muscle tension and cause even more discomfort. A warm and relaxing shower can help and is indicated at any stage of labor.

Make a bath in the bathtub. It helps even more than the shower.

Studies indicate that women who are massaged have a less painful labor. If you stimulate a painful area, by pressing or applying heat, the pain messages that are sent to the brain are less intense.

Walk around and stand up. Gravity acts even during birth.

Proper breathing helps you concentrate during contractions, and slow breathing relaxes you in between them. Use the methods you know that help you in your daily life: music, think about a favorite place or movie, etc. Any method of relaxation is indicated.

Tips for an easier labor