10 Foods that never expire

It’s important to keep in mind the expiration date when you buy and eat a food if you don’t want to risk having health problems. But there are some foods that never expire. If are stored properly, they can be consumed for years and will not lose their nutritional properties or values.

1. Apple vinegar – When protected it’s from direct sunlight, apple vinegar retains its properties and you can be sure it that will never expire.

2. Honey – It can change its color and texture, but honey is good for consumption even after hundreds of years when it’s stored in a hermetically sealed container.

3. Rice – In Egyptian catacombs was found rice deposits, which were still good for human consumption! So it’s clear that there is no expiration date for rice. But be careful! Keep it away from moisture!

4. Salt – When it’s kept away from moisture, salt is “immortal”. And why would not it be, if it’s crushed stone?

5. Soy sauce – If the bottle in which it’s stored has never been opened, the soy sauce is valid endlessly. Instead, when the container was opened, soy sauce has a fairly short shelf life.

6. Sugar – Like honey, when it’s stored in a hermetically sealed container, white, brown or powdery sugar, never expire.

7. Dry beans – When protected from pests, beans have an endless shelf life. It’s true that it will boil harder and there is the possibility not to completely soften, but the nutritional value doesn’t change, regardless of the time spent on the shelf.

8. Instant coffee – If you store it in the freezer, instant coffee can be stored forever.

9. Maple syrup – If you keep it in a freezer, the maple syrup has no expiration date.

10. Spirits drinks – You don’t have to hurry to finish a bottle of spirit drink, because alcohol never expires. It’s true that can lose a little aroma, but the strength remains unchanged.