Tricks to make your nail polish last longer

An impeccable manicure is the dream of any lady. Therefore, in order to achieve this objective, we invest in all kinds of nail care products, but also in the most expensive polishes.

Be careful where you place your nail polish bottle – The strength of a manicure depends on the quality of the nail polish used. In order for it to maintain its best qualities, it is advisable to keep it in dark and cool places. Otherwise, it will no longer be as good. Strong sunlight or artificial light can significantly affect its composition.

Instead of shaking the bottle, the better you roll it – The manicure experts advise you to give up this habit, because when you shake the bottle, the nail polish will fill with air bubbles. That is why it will no longer be as effective, and your manicure will be more exposed to cracks.

Gently file your nails – For the manicure to be more durable, it is very important how you prepare your nails before applying the nail polish. Gently file your nails before applying the nail polish,

Wipe your nails with acetone even if they are clean – One of the most recommended tricks related to obtaining a more beautiful and resistant manicure is this: to apply on the clean nails an acetone solution. The reason you should do this is because such a solution will remove all oils from the nail surface. However, if they were not removed, the manicure could not be very resistant.

Apply two base layers before applying nail polish. Your manicure will last longer if you apply two base layers of nail polish.

Do not wait too long until you apply nail polish over the base layer. Because the base will give the manicure more durability, since it will blend better with the color pigments from the nail polish, don’t stay too long until you will apply the nail polish.

Make your nail polish to last longer

Japanese banana diet – lose up to 5 kg in 7 days

Eat a banana every morning and you can lose up to 5 kilos in just one week. This Japanese diet doesn’t require any special effort and no special change in your daily routine.

It is not difficult at all, because every morning you have to eat only bananas and drink water at room temperature. You can eat anything else throughout the day.

Bananas contain resistant starch that effectively accelerates the process of weight loss. Obviously, not all the starch is the same; it is divided into digestible starch and resistant starch.

The diet was created by pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe of Osaka for her husband, Hitoshi Watanabe.

The banana diet means that every day, at breakfast, you should eat 1-2 medium-sized bananas and 1 glass of water at room temperature. Banana and water is a successful combination because it improves digestion and hydrates the body.

At lunch and dinner, there is no restriction. You can eat as usual, but you should follow the following principle: eat until you feel only 80% satisfied and then stop. To make weight loss more efficient, you need to choose low-calorie foods at both meals.

At 15.00, you can eat a sweet snack, but in this case, it is important to make healthy choices.

After 20.00, you shouldn’t eat anything else.

Juices, alcoholic drinks or milk are not allowed in this diet. The only accepted drink is water at room temperature. If hunger persists, you can consume a banana.

Also, those who have designed the diet claim that you should go to bed before midnight. Sleep has a very important role in the weight loss process.

Banana diet sounds delicious and not so not very hard to follow it.

Japanese banana diet

The best sleeping position to relieve period pain

Menstrual pain doesn’t affect all women, but there are cases where they become very very intense. Moreover, period pain can affect sleeping, which means that insomnia can occur much more often during this time of the month. Today you will find out the best sleeping position relieve period pain.

Depending on the body, the pains that occur during menstruation may be stronger or, on the contrary, they may be even insensible. A number of medications have been specifically designed to reduce the intensity of pain, but besides, there are some tricks that can help women overcome this difficult period of the month more easily.

After more researches, specialists have come to the conclusion that there is an ideal sleeping position during menstruation and that has the ability to reduce severe pain. In situations where muscle cramps are difficult to support, gynecologists recommend sleeping in the fetal position.

This position leads to the relaxation of the muscles in the abdominal area, which can automatically mean a reduction in the intensity of the abdominal cramps. Physicians recommend that during menstruation, women avoid sleeping on the stomach and this is because this position can make menstruation more abundant during the night, and the pains are even stronger.

Other tricks that can make women pass more easily over period pain are warm baths before bedtime or delicate massage in the abdominal area through circular movements.

Menstrual pain

How to get rid of bad smells in your fridge

Have you ever opened the refrigerator door and felt an unpleasant smell, although all the foods are fresh? Find out what steps you need to take to get rid of this unpleasant smells. When talking about food, we also talk about health, so there is no place of negligence.

Every day we make choices about our diet, which affects our health and quality of life. In the same way, we have to pay attention to how to store food in order to stay fresh for as long as possible and to give us the maximum intake of nutrients.

Here are some tips on how to clean the refrigerator properly, removing unpleasant smells and enjoying a fresher diet for a longer time.

The first thing you have to do is activate the defrost function. If your fridge is an older model and doesn’t have this function, you will use some recipients that you put inside of the fridge, to drain the water.

Check the refrigerator’s instruction manual to see the exact specifications and defrosting time. Once the defrosting function is completed, unplug the fridge.

Then remove all the food from it and store it in the kitchen as long as you clean it up. Remove all the grills and compartments from the inside until the refrigerator remains empty and clean each item with cleaning products (you can even use dishwashing detergents or other degreasing and disinfecting products).

Prepare a bowl of warm water and a cloth that you will use to clean the interior of the fridge.

In the bowl with water, you can add detergent, chlorine or, if you don’t tolerate chemical odors, add vinegar. There are also special refrigerator cleaning products, which you can use with confidence.

Wash interior and exterior with this solution and wipe with a clean cloth, soaked only in warm water. Then you can wipe with a dry cloth or let it dry. Place the shelves and grids in their place and, for maximum efficiency in removing any unpleasant odors, place a sachet or baking soda on a shelf inside the refrigerator. Baking soda will absorb the smell.

A cleaner fridge means fewer bacteria, fresh food and healthier life. Although the new technologies are of real use to us and we can try the baking soda trick, they will never replace the proper hygiene of the food storage space. So, make time for your health!

Bad odor in fridge

7 Foods you should never freeze

Freezing certain foods can provide them freshness for a longer time, and when they are defrosted, they can be consumed without risk. Although it seems a valid solution in any situation, there are 7 foods that you should never freeze. They lose their taste, texture and can affect your health.

Not always the freezer can help you avoid food waste. In some situations, frozen foods lose their taste, texture, flavor and eventually you have to throw them away.

If you want to enjoy their taste, then avoid freezing these foods. When stored at very low temperatures, these products lose their properties and become an enemy for your health.

Here are 7 foods you should never freeze

1. Avocado
When it comes to avocados, opinions are divided. While some people think it can be frozen only after being cut in half, other voices claim that when it is frozen, avocado loses its silky texture and its taste changes completely.

2. Pork, seafood and chicken
If you defrost them, and then you found that you would not use the whole amount, avoid freezing pork, seafood or chicken again. Thawing these products can lead to the development of dangerous and potentially life-threatening bacteria.

3. Boiled pasta
Boiled pasta shouldn’t be frozen and consumed later. When they are thawed, they will accumulate more water and lose their taste.

4. Soft cheese
Soft cheese like Camembert, Brie cheese, goat cheese and ricotta cheese shouldn’t be frozen. Stored at very low temperatures, they will lose their texture.

5. Milk
Once it’s placed in a freezer, milk will no longer be good for drinking, and if you want to consume it, then you should avoid this way of keeping it. However, thawed milk can be used for cooking.

6. Cooked foods
If you have cooked certain foods by boiling, don’t store them in a freezer. It will accumulate a large amount of water and when are thawed it will lose their taste.

7. Cucumbers
If some vegetables can be kept perfectly in the freezer, this is not the case with cucumbers. They contain a large amount of water and for this reason they will lose their texture and flavor when they are frozen.

Never freeze these foods

Clever trick to cut ironing time in half

Ironing the clothes is an activity not quite enjoyable for ladies and gentlemen, as it takes a lot of time and skill. It is not accidental that many people iron their clothes just before dressing them and only when the creases are too visible that they become disturbing. Today you will learn an amazing trick to cut the ironing time in half.

No matter how much time you postponed this task, there is an inevitable moment when you have to deal with the clothes in the wardrobe that have to be ironed before being worn. And things get complicated when the family is a large one. If you are looking for a smart trick to help you get rid of this task in record time, we have a tip for you.

Here is the simple trick that helps you reduce the amount of time you spend while ironing your laundry

The solution is right in your kitchen, it’s simple and very cheap. It’s about the aluminum foil that certainly anyone has it in the house. If the preparation of different recipes using aluminum foil should be avoided, the aluminum foil can do wonders when it comes to your clothes.

All you have to do is put a layer of aluminum foil on the ironing board, taking care to cover its entire surface. Aluminum foil has the ability to reflect heat, which you can use in your favor when ironing. By rolling the hot aluminum foil directly on your clothes, you will no longer need to iron the clothes on the face and back, but you will solve everything in one movement. Thus, the time you spend ironing will be significantly reduced, and you will do less effort.

Maybe using this trick, ironing will become a more pleasant task for you.

Ironing tips

7 Ways to reuse old T-shirts

Did you select the clothes you no longer use and are you preparing to throw off the t-shirts or blouses you’re giving up? Instead of throwing them, you can donate or recycle, turning them into things you can enjoy for a while.

Hair accessory – From a t-shirt you no longer use, you can make a headband useful when cleaning your house or doing sports. Cut a wider strip and stitch the sides, then the ends to not fall apart.

Plant strips – With strips cut from an old t-shirt, you can tie the plants to the wooden rods. In this way, the plants don’t risk bending too much and break!

Shopping bag – Why throw a good-looking T-shirt that no longer attracts you to wear it? You can cut and sew well so that you can make it a strong enough bag for your weekly shopping. It will be much better if it has a special print or message. You will have a resistant and original bag.

Original paintings – If you have an old T-shirt with a special print, to which you care too much donate it, cut off the print and place it into a frame. You will get a unique picture.

Pillowcase – You can put your old t-shirt on the pillow you usually sleep on. The only condition is to be large enough to fit.

Pieces of cloth for dishes and cleaning – Cut the shirt in rectangles so you can use it in the kitchen, wiping the dishes. It’s useful to have pieces of cloth in the house for cleaning, dust removal, window cleaning etc.

Unique blanket – Do you have more printed T-shirts you no longer intend to dress on? Cut them into squares or rectangles and sew between them to make a blanket that you will appreciate more than a blanket from the store because you made it by yourself.

old T-shirts uses

6 Ways to make your office a healthier place

Every day you spend at least eight hours in the office, and that can affect your health. That’s why you have to keep in mind a few rules that will help you transform your workspace, in order to feel physically and mentally well.

Remember to get up of the chair
People working in the office should move for at least two hours a day to avoid the risks of sedentary disease, according to a British study made in 2015. Getting up of the chair and walking at least once at every two hours, are essential for bone health. In addition, this execution can increase your productivity and help you better focus on what you are doing.

There are mobile apps that remind you to take breaks at regular intervals. Some even offer suggestions about the exercises you can do at work.

Air the workspace well
Not airy spaces can cause allergies, rashes or headaches. Even if you don’t have physical symptoms, the air in the office may affect your working capacity. A 2015 study made by Harvard University researchers, shows that employees working in properly ventilated offices are more productive than those who don’t air their workspace at all.

Add a plant in your office
Maybe you can’t move your office in nature, but you can move a small part of nature into your office. Buying a plant can be a great way to inspire creativity and induce a sense of relaxation. Choose the green plant with leaves rather than the cactus with spines, that can distract your attention.

Decorate your office
Decorating the office can help you feel more comfortable, which can reduce stress at work. But to avoid overcrowding of space, which can have an adverse effect on what you expect, just pick some pictures of your loved ones, put them in the frame so that the office is still airy.

Don’t forget about aromatherapy
Citrus flavor can make you feel positive and help to improve the brain functions. Stop using candles and strongly fragrant sticks that use artificial flavors. Better choose a fragrance diffuser with essential oils that emits a subtle, natural smell.

Don’t at the office anymore
One of the best things you can do for health is to get up from the office and go into the specially designed space to eat. Thus, your brain will have a well-earned break.

Reasons you should never store eggs in the fridge door

According to one of the world’s greatest chefs, Jamie Oliver and the representants of Good Housekeeping, the eggs should never be kept on the door of the refrigerator because they can be contaminated and spoiled. Here are some reasons you should stop doing this.

Eggs should be stored at 20 degrees
The optimal temperature of the eggs storage is 20 degrees and should remain constant. Because every time you open and close the refrigerator door, the temperature increases, and at the same time it increases the risk of them being damaged.

Keep them in their box
According to Good Housekeeping, the eggs should be stored in their original box and placed on the shelf in the middle of the refrigerator to prevent temperature changes and bacterial contamination. Not only is the place with the warmest temperature in the refrigerator but is also the most constant.

Don’t change their place
Try as much as possible to avoid moving them too often, from hot to cold and vice versa. Once you have bought them, put them in the refrigerator and move them only when you want to use them.

The eggs in the store are not kept in the refrigerators
In the chains of supermarkets, eggs are not kept at cold temperatures. This is not even necessary because the maximum indoor temperature never exceeds 20 degrees.

Stored in the refrigerator, the risk of bacterial multiplication decreases
Keeping the eggs in the refrigerator is the safest way to combat the risk of Salomonella contamination and the spread of bacteria.

Leave them at room temperature before using them for cooking
It’s recommended to leave the eggs one hour at room temperature immediately after removing them from the refrigerator before using them for cooking cakes or other dishes.

Terms of validity
It’s good to buy eggs that have been packed for up to 30 days until you buy them. From the purchase moment, you can consume them within 3-4 weeks.

Eggs storage

5 Things you should clean at least once a month

Even if you clean your home daily, I’m sure you often forget about some things you should clean. Do you know what are the things and areas in the house that should be cleaned at least once a month?

Remote control
The remote control is the object we touch every day and is the one that has the most bacteria. To prevent infections, clean the remote control with a disinfectant. Put a little solution on a clean cloth and wipe it off, even the buttons. Wash your hands every time you use it.

By daily touching the light switch you risk spreading the bacteria. It is recommended that you clean all house light switches with a cloth soaked in disinfectant at least once a week.

Ice machine
Perhaps the inside of the refrigerator and the freezer is regularly cleaned. But when did you last cleaned the ice maker or the ice trays in the freezer? Even if it is hard to believe, they should be cleaned at least twice a year. Instead, the ice can change its smell, color and get a strange taste.

The inside of the coffee machine
According to a recent study, it seems that the coffee machine occupies the fifth place at the risk of bacteria accumulating in a home. You can clean the inside of this appliance with a mixture of water and white vinegar. If you leave the machine unclean for a long time, the coffee will get a strange taste that you certainly will not like it.

Hairbrush and comb
A hairbrush or a comb can be used between two and three years. But how do we take care of them? Manual hair removal after each use, manual washing with soap and leaving them to dry overnight. Repeat the cleaning procedure at least once a month.

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