Waking Up During The Night Says A Lot About Your Health

Waking up in the morning feeling tired is not a good sign for your health, it means something is affecting your body and keeping it from recuperating. Sleep problems can be caused by various problems and you should look into the reasons causing you to feel like this. If you have the tendency to wake up a few times during the night, notice the hours and keep them in mind, because they may be a clue to whatever health issue you may experience.

Science claims the human body functions very much as a clock, and the organs are part of this mechanism, depending on what parts are damaged, the clock is also derailed.

Read on and find out about the relationship between the hours you wake up at and the health issues you may experience.

Gallbladder: 11 pm- 1 am

The gallbladder’s main role is to help digest food. Over the time, the gallbladder is the place where lots of cholesterol, lecithin and different salts gather. The problems affecting the gallbladder are all due to poor diet, sudden weight loss, diabetes, low intake of fibers and vegetables.

If you wake up during the specified hours, it is best to see a doctor and have him examine you.

Liver: 1 am- 3 am

The symptoms of the various liver diseases are often unnoticeable. Waking up during this hour means the liver is fighting toxins and it is taking a lot of energy and power to do so. Get a check up to prevent any bigger issues.

Lungs: 3 am- 5 am

If you cough during the night and wake up earlier than 5 am it is a clear alarming sign of lungs being unhealthy. Do not ignore them and go see a doctor! You may be suffering of sleep apnea (the condition when a person stops breathing several times during the sleep).

Colon: 5 am- 7 am

Your colon is most active in the morning, but any sleep disturbances during the mentioned hours means you should see a specialist and investigate where or not you have the syndrome of the irritated colon. The food may take too long to get through the colon and this can cause pain or discomfort.