How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally, Without Heat

Straighten your hair takes you too much time and makes your hair dried and burnt? It’s time to find out some tips & tricks about how to straighten your hair naturally, without heat. This is how your hair will be straight, but in the same time will be strong and healthy.

Straighten your hair without heat may seem a difficult process if you are part of the category of girls that are constantly using different gadgets to obtain a straight hair. In reality, with some dexterity (which you’ve probably already got if you get used to straighten your hair daily), you can obtain a hair perfectly straight in a natural way.

The only disadvantage of straighten your hair naturally is that it will take you more time. But I think it’s worth it, for the health of your hair. You will need: a shampoo, a  straight hairbrush, a towel, a hairdryer, a hair straightening spray and … patience.

1. Start from the shower

First thing you should do it is to buy a shampoo and a hair conditioner specially designed for straighten your hair. Pick some products that moisturizes and softens the hair. These products will prevent your hair to curl or to electrify. When you use hair conditioner, leave it to act a couple of minutes to penetrate deep into the hair and  to make it soft.

2. Remove the excess water from hair with a clean towel

Do not rub your hair with the towel, because you risk you make it break or to electrify. The right method is to gently pat your hair with towel and leave it a couple of minutes to dry naturally.

3. Brush your hair using a comb with big teeth

And then apply a hair straightening spray. Hesitate to apply too much product on the roots.

4. Using a straight brush, brush your hair and dry it in the same time

Take small strands of hair and dry it from the roots to the ends. Switch the temperature from hot to cold . In this way, not only will you  will dry your hair evenly, but you will protect from the high temperatures.

At final, you will notice that your hair is straight.

How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally, Without Heat