See How Using Aluminium Foil Affects Your Brain

Aluminium is one of the most abundant types of metal present in the world and in many articles and products (even some deodorant containing aluminum!). We are so accustomed to use aluminum foil in the kitchen, both for cooking and for food storage, but  this habit can harm us.

If you investigate a little bit this problem, you will not reach at a positive conclusion: aluminum foil can be very harmful to the brain, giving rise to toxicity while activating a lot of diseases.

There are so many uses of aluminum foil, that it is hard to imagine life without it, especially in the kitchen where we use to prepare food, but also to wrap the food. However, there is clear that cooking with aluminum is dangerous because this metal enters into the food when is exposed to high temperatures. The effect is less harmful if we use to pack food and put them in the refrigerator, but not completely eliminated.

The risk is highest when cooking with acidic substances, which erodes the aluminum foil (eg lemons or tomatoes) and lead to the decomposition of the metal and is easier ingress into the food.

When the body assimilates aluminium, the first affected organ is the brain, because this metal is neurotoxic and has been associated with the installation of Alzheimer’s, if is present in the body for a long time. If the only source of aluminium would be only the one from the aluminium foil, maybe the problem would not be so serious. Unfortunately, exposure to this heavy metal is very high because it is everywhere around us.

Unfortunately, the negative effects of aluminium exposure are not reversible, which means that you can not treat the problems that occur over time by using aluminum foil.
The harmful effects of aluminium extend to bones, because that metal can be assimilated into the bones, occupying the space that should be occupied by calcium and causing a deficiency of this so important mineral.