How To Save and Store Fresh Ginger

Ginger has a lot of health benefits so this ingredient should be found in any kitchen. Therefore, it is important to store it well if you want to use it fresh or in a recipe or simply fresh. When you store it properly, ginger can remain fresh for several weeks. When you are doing this wrong, in only few days ginger will be dry, loss its favour and proprieties. In this article you will read how to save and store fresh ginger.

Smart Buy

The first step to maintaining the quality ginger is knowing how to choose the best product. Check peel of the ginger and choose the one with a silky peel, with a firm texture that looks heavier than its size. Avoid soft pieces, ruffled or appear mouldy.

The best way of storing ginger

Put the ginger with the peel on it in a resealable plastic bag, from which you removed the air and put it in the fridge. If you cut a piece of ginger, make sure it is dry, by wiping with a tissue paper before you put it in the bag.

If you store peeled ginger, is the same, but you should know that it will not keep fresh as much.

Some reasons you should always have fresh ginger:

1. Ginger is an excellent digestive stimulant: it favors the appearance of enzymes with a role in the efficient absorption of nutrients and combat digestive discomforts after a bountiful meal. In addition, ginger help prevent bloating and indigestion.

2. It is a powerful energizer: a cup of ginger tea can revive you even better than coffee.

3. You get rid of the flu and the common cold: ginger helps to heal the body by inducing perspiration and immune system. It also will help if you are struggling with recurrent episodes of cough expectorant or other respiratory disorders.

4. Fight against cancer

5. Calm the nausea