How To Quit Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is a bad, unhealthy habit. It starts in childhood but some adults seem to not be able to brush it off even in maturity. Nail biting is both ugly and unhealthy, making one’s nails look damaged while at the same time bringing up stomach problems due to the ingested dirt. The habit of nail biting is not short but it is rather easy, see below for some ideas so as to stop it and enjoy beautiful and healthy nails from now on!

  1. Manicure and healthy nails. Get in the habit of manicures and invest some money every-now-and-then in maintaining the manicure looking sharp so that you will always have to think twice before biting the nails of. Regular manicures will ensure the fact that your nails will get in good shape sooner. Show off your manicure and various nail polish colors and combinations as much as you can, and you will soon be hooked on good looking nails enough so as to forget all about biting.
  2. Healthy diet. A healthy diet feeds the body as much as it does the mind. Good diets help obtain glowing skin, thicker hair and better nails. Getting stronger nails with the help of minerals and calcium will make it hard for you to bite them off, as well as giving them a much better appearance.
  3. Replace a habit with a hobby. Look at your nail biting as a bad habit that needs to be replaced. If you feel like needing an activity with your fingers find something else that will keep you occupied. Carry a rubber-band or coin that you can play with when you get anxious.
  4. Keep your mouth busy. This does not mean you should eat nonstop but you should consider introducing snacks, gums or candies instead of chewing off your nails. Also, keeping a bottle of water handy can keep you way from nail biting.
  5. Covering the nail with a bandage in order to stop nail biting is the most extreme solution but it is required in cases that cannot be solved otherwise. It is worth asking for a psychologist’s advice, because serious nail biting can also flag a psychological drama that needs the assistance of a specialized therapist.