Personality Test – Pick An Eye And See What It Reveals About You

Today you will make a personality test about eyes. Pick an eye, the first one that catches your attention. Don’t analyze or overthink about your choice. All you need to know is the fact that the results are indeed scientifically researched.

Let’s see what eye you picked at this personality test:

  1. Your most important quality is sincerity. You are a person that is enjoying new knowledge. You are ready to open up your heart at any time, often risking a lot, even if sometimes you get hit quite hard. You don’t lose faith and are not scared by previous experiences. You never show your insecurities to others. You like to solve your problems on your own, but are always ready to help others.
  2. The most important trait you possess is your sense of justice. You want to create a nice impression to the people around you, and you are trying to do all things right. You think that people should be judged according to their actions. You keep your problems out of the public’s eyes and don’t like to share them with others, as people should not see when you are sad of unhappy. There is too much injustice around you and you live to be useful to others.
  3. Choosing this makes you an unhappy person. It seems like you’ve had a troubling past and its print is still strong in the present. It may seem like life is really touch and unpleasant. You try to find refuge in your own world as you avoid talking about your problems. You are convinced it is best if you don’t acknowledge the hard times.
  4. You are a rational person. You are the type of person who always asks questions. You seem genuinely interested in thins and are always craving to find out more. Life is one big puzzle to you.
  5. This eye is alike the mystery from your eyes. You are still not sure about who you are and what your role on this earth is. You are looking for your meaning.
  6. The nr 6 eye is the sign of excessive feelings. You are that person that observes everything around you but never forgets. You live in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Your feelings are strong, your actions are sometimes foolish, but your intentions are always beautiful.
  7. Your soul is on fire. You are full of energy and passion. You are not happy with a monotonous life, you have your own view on life and your energy is addictive.
  8. You are eccentric. You are full of unordinary ideas, passionate about the antic arts, you are a person that raises a lot of question and sparks interest. You don’t care about what others say and are looking for your own way in life.
  9. If you chose this, you like to put your faith in your intuition. You are one of those people that understand through feelings. You read people like they are open books and this thing is rather difficult to understand for others.