Your Perfect Wedding Location According To Your Zodiac Sign

Planning a wedding can be a complicated and tiresome process, that comes accompanied with tough decisions and brides need all the help in the world for this. The first milestone is choosing the location of the event and the time for it. Many chose to consult other sources than the special magazines and wedding planners. Japan has a very interesting culture surrounding this entire event, they base their decisions on astrology even from the first dates.

Aquarius. Smart but shy, Aquarius knows how to enjoy themselves at a party. Women Aquarius should search for something that is both interesting and new. Their eccentric personalities may feel at ease in an unordinary place such as a public library or museum that is somewhat connected to the history of their relationship. They also like to reenact movie or book scenes, event that will delight the quests.

The ever romantic Pisces will feel at best in an idyllic location such as a park or a garden. They love spring and summer and will chose these seasons to get married. They are also famous for their artist sides so their wedding will be full of romance and music.

Aries will want to transform their weddings into adventures. They will also want to be the center of attention and have a celebration that will captivate the audience. Their choices for the venue will be fascinating and they will plan the entertainment to the last details.

Taurus take pride in organizing everything by themselves. They are wine lovers so the perfect wedding place for them is somewhere in a winery with lots of wine and good food. They will also pay attention at the surrounding views trying to make sure everything is beyond perfection.

To make a Gemini happy, their wedding should take place somewhere fun, with lots of activities. They will want to transform their day into an enchanting experience for their guests, be it with karaoke or boats on a lake. A wedding full of friends is the kind of wedding they dream of.

Cancer take weddings and marriage very seriously because it means their family is expanding. Their sensible personality will feel pressure to make their wedding an unforgettable event. It is best to keep things simple and in the family to feel at ease.

Leo loves luxury and expensive things so their dream wedding may include an exotic destination or a castle. They will want to take the definition of a wedding to the next level. Going abroad with their families and friends to an exotic and beautiful place is an option that will cross their minds. Their wedding has to be elegant and luxurious at the same time, even if they chose an empty beach for a location.

Virgo are obsessed with details and love traditions, so they will not try to make their wedding an adventure, focusing on a very well planned wedding. They will search for the best restaurant and offer their guests a delightful dinner that will be accompanied by well selected music.

Libra will be surprisingly indecisive as to the venue and will try to find something that will suit everyone. They must not forget it is their wedding and it is their big day. If they will keep this in mind and avoid taking into account all the personal preferences of their guests they will have a great party.

Scorpio will try to create an unforgettable night for their guests, but in a very simple and elegant way. They will try to bring a feeling of a holiday to their wedding and maybe go for a place that has a pool and will cut down from the stiffness of the moment.

The friendly Sagittarius will look at all sorts of venues trying to bring something unusual to the table. They will look for places that have either very high ceilings or lots of mirrors, bonus points if it’s something with unusual architecture. Their venue will not be something standard that does not amaze guests.

Capricorns will organize a very selected, private event that will speak about their love for luxury and exclusivity. Their event may be on the opposite side of this if the bride and groom are young and wish for a nonconformist wedding.