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Incredible Buttermilk Benefits For Hair and Skin

It is a pity most of us keep ignoring the benefits of natural products and turn towards chemical treated ones. One such case is the benefits buttermilk has for hair and skin. Indian culture is to be praised for the fact that they know how to get the best out of buttermilk benefits.

Extremely loved all over the world, this cooling beverage has great benefits that would put to shame most products sold in stores today.

Besides being delicious, you can use buttermilk for a great number of issues, such as:

  1. Bleaching agent. Use it on your skin for a whiter, lighter complexion.
  2. Fight skin woes such as discoloration, spots and blemishes by giving yourself buttermilk facials.
  3. Tighten your skin and get rid of age spots.
  4. Cleanse your skin and remove all make-up traces with the help of a cotton ball dipped in buttermilk.
  5. Mix it with whatever products you have handy to exfoliate your skin.
  6. Use buttermilk as a first aid in case of sunburns to calm the skin. Mix it with mashed papaya or even tomatoes to form a paste.

Buttermilk is great for all types of skin, from oily to combination to normal skin.

As for what it can do to your hair, the benefits are just as numerous:

  1. Buttermilk can significantly change the texture of your hair.
  2. Get a clean scalp and a feeling of freshness with buttermilk mask.
  3. Fight dandruff and dryness by including buttermilk to your regular hair care regime.
  4. Proteins in buttermilk help nourish your hair and replenish all essential nutrients.

To get the most out of buttermilk, use it in hair masks. Mix a few tablespoons of buttermilk with an egg, a few tablespoons of olive oil, a mashed banana and two tablespoons of honey. Blend well and apply to your hair wrapping it in a shower cap. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, then wash it off with a herbal shampoo.

Treat dandruff by applying it directly to your scalp along white vinegar and lemon juice.

However, we do advise you to get in touch with your dermatologist that will determine your skin type and help you incorporate buttermilk in your beauty regime.

Natural Ways to Remove Make Up

Most of us, women, think the most important step of having to deal with make-up is putting it on, often ignoring the true importance of taking it off and cleaning up the face. We tend to focus on looking good with make-up so much, that it slips our mind how make-up can affect our skin in the long term. This is why so many articles and beauty bloggers are starting to stress out the importance of a thorough make-up removal. Even more so, using the right products.

There are countless of make-up removing products available nowadays that can help you get clean and fresh in almost no time, but it is worth checking their ingredient’s list before trusting your face.

Keep in mind the fact that your skin requires special and personalized care, and your best choice in avoiding rushes, allergies and other side effects, are natural products.

Don’t worry, we have selected a few products that are not time consuming and will leave your skin glowing and clean in no time!

  1. You must have definitely heard the stories about Cleopatra and Sissi, the empresses that were famous for their beauty and did not hide the fact that it was all due to milk. Milk is itself a delicate detergent and perfect for removing all types of make-up without being in the slightest aggressive to your skin. Indulge in this queen-worthy beauty treatment and see how your skin will thank you for that!
  2. Baking soda and honey. Both products are already famous for their health and cleaning properties, but what will amaze you is how well they work together in removing make-up and leaving your skin both exfoliated and hydrated. Just mix a teaspoon of honey with one of baking soda, and rub in gently, careful removing both make-up traces and superficial dead-skin.
  3. Coconut oil. This simple product is a must have in any household, and when you learn about its wonderful powers, you will not let it go from your beauty bag as well! Coconut oil is the perfect weapon for waterproof make-up leaving your face clean and hydrated.
  4. Cucumber juice. You are most certainly familiar with the slices of cucumber that do wonders for your tired eyes, but did you know you can use the vegetable to obtain a make-up free face? Blend a cucumber to a paste with the help of a blender and use it as a cleanser. You get bonus points if use the remaining product as a mask. The mixture will soothe your skin and give you a healthy glow as a result.
  5. Steam is the most feared enemy of all kinds of dirt. Especially make-up related products. Keeping your face over a recipient with hot water will remove not only superficial traces of make-up, but clean your pores all through, unclogging them of dirt and impurities. Steams are the secret all models swear by and it never fails to work!

So ditch all the expensive professional make-up removing products for some natural ones that will do wonders for your skin the long run!

How To Quit Biting Your Nails

Nail biting is a bad, unhealthy habit. It starts in childhood but some adults seem to not be able to brush it off even in maturity. Nail biting is both ugly and unhealthy, making one’s nails look damaged while at the same time bringing up stomach problems due to the ingested dirt. The habit of nail biting is not short but it is rather easy, see below for some ideas so as to stop it and enjoy beautiful and healthy nails from now on!

  1. Manicure and healthy nails. Get in the habit of manicures and invest some money every-now-and-then in maintaining the manicure looking sharp so that you will always have to think twice before biting the nails of. Regular manicures will ensure the fact that your nails will get in good shape sooner. Show off your manicure and various nail polish colors and combinations as much as you can, and you will soon be hooked on good looking nails enough so as to forget all about biting.
  2. Healthy diet. A healthy diet feeds the body as much as it does the mind. Good diets help obtain glowing skin, thicker hair and better nails. Getting stronger nails with the help of minerals and calcium will make it hard for you to bite them off, as well as giving them a much better appearance.
  3. Replace a habit with a hobby. Look at your nail biting as a bad habit that needs to be replaced. If you feel like needing an activity with your fingers find something else that will keep you occupied. Carry a rubber-band or coin that you can play with when you get anxious.
  4. Keep your mouth busy. This does not mean you should eat nonstop but you should consider introducing snacks, gums or candies instead of chewing off your nails. Also, keeping a bottle of water handy can keep you way from nail biting.
  5. Covering the nail with a bandage in order to stop nail biting is the most extreme solution but it is required in cases that cannot be solved otherwise. It is worth asking for a psychologist’s advice, because serious nail biting can also flag a psychological drama that needs the assistance of a specialized therapist.

These Are The Most Frequently Faked Foods

Nowadays most of the things that surround us are fake. We have to be careful not to buy fake perfumes, fake beauty products, but did it ever occur to you that you may be getting fake products on a daily basis? We have researched and found out there are 7 products that get faked a lot and endanger our health daily.

  1. Ground coffee. Coffee is expensive. This is why, in order to reduce production costs add ground wood, wheat and soybeans. To avoid buying fake coffee, just get coffee beans and grind them yourself.
  2. Pomegranate juice. Appreciated for its vitamins, pomegranate juice is often diluted with cheaper apple juice or water. Read careful the details on the package even if the label reads ‘’natural juice’’ in big bold letters.
  3. Olive oil. Olive oil is easily replaced with cheaper corn, palm or soy oil. If you want to find out if this is indeed olive oil, pour some in a glass and put it in the fridge. If it forms a sediment, you are in luck.
  4. Parmesan cheese. A leader in the market of fake foods, this cheese may contain about 10% wooden shavings. Always buy the whole wheel and carefully read the composition on the label.
  5. Often diluted with syrups with a high fructose content, real honey does not need to be kept in the fridge. So read the instructions once more.
  6. Fish is expensive and sorry to break it down to you, but most of the times you think you are getting real fish sushi, you get a different type of fish, a cheaper version, that’s sometimes even colored. So next time you feel like eating fish, order it in steak form. This way you will actually see the fish that’s being used.

Reasons Why It’s Dangerous to Ignore the Appearance of Gray Hair

You may consider gray hair as something natural that comes with age and wisdom which is not entirely a lie. But there are numerous causes to hair turning gray early on. Gray hair may appear as a cause of hereditary heritage. People whose parents got gray hair sooner are more likely to notice some gray hairs before turning 30. This is still different from case to case, as there are siblings that don’t share the same genes.

Still, it is not something that is natural when hair turning gray occurs with no explanation before turning 30. Look into the following reasons and see for yourself why you should not ignore the appearance of gray hair!

Hair turning gray before it is naturally expected may signify early signs of a heart disease. Pay attention to this and get a cardiologist’s opinion.

If you suffer from peroxide accumulation your hair may get discolored. This is a natural process that occurs due to the fact that all hair follicles produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. It is also a condition that can be treated with an UVB activated compound that’s used for skin pigmentation disorders.

Lacking vitamins D3 and B12 will also turn your hair gray before it’s expected. Change your diet and you will also stop or slow down the process of hair turning gray. The mentioned vitamins are responsible for producing melanin (the substance that gives skin and hair color).

Smoking also leads to hair prematurely turning gray. It’s a proven fact that smokers get silver hair sooner than those that stay away from cigarettes. Smoking can also lead to early loss of hair. It is enough to cut back on cigarettes to see your hair improving and getting its natural color back. Still, if you’ve been an avid smoker for years, there are very few ways to avoid the consequences.

Foods With More Potassium Than A Banana

Bananas are a great source of potassium, but eating the same food over and over again can get tiresome and you may even start hating it, which will consequently lead to a body craving the benefits of potassium.

Potassium is a crucial nutrient, it plays key roles in muscle strength, nerve function and heart health. Not getting enough potassium a day can lead to serious deficiencies, fatigue, muscle cramps,, heart palpitations and dizzy spells.

The great news for potassium fans but banana’s little lovers, is the fact that there are about 5 products that contain as much and in some cases even more potassium than a banana!

Read on, and remember you can have a very well structured diet without having to eat the same food over and over again.

Sweet potatoes- perfect summer side dishes! Delicious and vitamin packed super foods, is a great alternative to bananas!

Beans- whether you choose to cook them in chili, serve as a side dish or drop them in a soup, beans are a great choice for vitamins! Besides the taste, they will share a considerable dose of health.

Yogurt is one of the healthiest snack choices you could be making. Refreshing, light and high in potassium, it is a great source of energy!

Avocado. Fans of guacamole, congratulations. Besides having a super tasty snack, you are ripping loads of health benefits as well! So next time you get comfortable in front of the TV, don’t forget to bring a plate full of health along! Also, there is no need to remind that avocado is all about maximum pleasure and minimum weight, right?

Clams are another super food packed with the highest concentration of vitamin B12 of any food as well as the much sought for potassium. Use them to make tasty seafood or traditional New England clam chowder and enjoy their benefits!

How To Apply Nail Polish Like A Pro

Among the main reasons women turn towards professionals to get their nails polished are the quality, aspect and the durability of the manicures they get in return. Still, next time you consider making an appointment, remember there are countless tips and tricks that are easy to apply in the comfort of your own home for a DIY professional manicure.

Here are some step by steps tips on the perfect homemade manicure:

  1. Forget all you think you know, and make room for some new wisdom.
  2. Through away harsh chemicals. The best way to prepare the canvas, aka your nails, for a new manicure, is to remove all the traces of the old one. This time try some new products, such as non-acetone polish removers that will not damage your nails in the long run.
  3. Use press-on. While oil fasteners can be damaging, acetate press-on don’t cause any damage to your nail. If you have impaired nails just apply a fast press-on to cover the impairment and avert nail polish from seeping on, thus avoiding irritation.
  4. Use a coat. Always. Use. A coat! These products are specially designed from keeping your nails from turning an unhealthy shade of yellow. Always apply the coat before going further to the nail polish. Let it dry for a good 4 to 5 minutes.
  5. Apply 2 coats of polish, this is a trick stolen from salon professionals. Remember to allow each coat to dry off before applying the next one. This will assure you better manicure quality.
  6. Let your nails dry. Don’t hurry up to get it over with. The hardest part about a manicure is letting it dry properly before using your hands and making sure you don’t ruin it afterwards. Fresh nail polish is really easy to smudge so be extra careful at home.
  7. Always use a top coat. This will finish off the look in a really nice and neat manner. Top coats are also used to give the manicure extra-resistance.
  8. Choose quality products. Getting a brand nail polish is great both for your manicure as much as for your nails. A good nail polish will not damage your nails or be easy to come off during accidents.
  9. Prepare all the ingredients you need for a manicure beforehand. Avoid starting to look for something with freshly polished nails that will get damaged in the process.
  10. Allow yourself a few hours for the perfect manicure. Don’t start painting your nails if you are pressured by time because then you will not have enough time to let your polish dry off properly.
  1. Always keep your eyes on the expiration date of your polish. The best advice related to manicures, is to always use new polishes, because the old ones will make your manicure seem sloppy and thick and will not be durable.

The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making When You Fix Your Eyebrows

Perfectly shaped eyebrows play a great role in your appearance. They can make or break any look, this is why their shape and color are so important.Are you taking care of your eyebrows at home, relying on your personal experience and not seeking the advice of any professional?

Are you completely sure you are not skipping any steps along the way?

Be careful not to skip one of the most important things that could have a great impact over the health of your eyes: proper cleaning and disinfection of your tweezers. Clean it with alcohol before and after using it, to make sure you are not endangering your eyes with any bacteria.

Furthermore, try to avoid these common mistakes that can ruin the overall aspect of your lovely eyebrows:

  1. Avoid symmetry. Surely this comes as a surprise, but obsessing over symmetry usually leads to disastrous results as you may be inclined to over-pluck them. Your eyebrows are not meant to be perfectly identical and they are supposed to be sisters, not twins.
  2. Don’t go crazy with your dark brow filler. Don’t try to fill in your brows with the exact color as your natural hair, as this will make your look seem rather harsh. Opt for a medium taupe shade of eyebrow filler that goes great with most eyebrow shades.
  3. Over-plucking your eyebrows is the worst thing you could be doing. Drop everything you are doing, and stay away from your eyebrows and mirrors for a while if you feel you may have gone too far. Use pencils or powders to fill in the gaps and maintain an appropriate shape.
  4. Be careful with the make-up brushes as well, as a make-up brush used for your eye shadows will not give you the results you dream of. There are special eyebrow brushes that are meant to help you obtain that polished and perfect look.

Follow our advice, and don’t forget to take care of your incredible eyebrows!

Tips To Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

Washing your hair too frequently is a burden and can be harmful in the long run. Not to mention it creates a vicious circle where hair gets greasy faster and requires even more washes. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks that will help you have gorgeous hair with fewer washes and less damage.

  1. Watch your menu. Remove as much fatty and fried dishes from your menu. Stay away from sugar, white bread and canned foods, they all have the same effect of overloading your sebaceous glands to produce more fat. Include as many fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean meat and nuts in your diet.
  2. Dry shampoo. Bless the inventor of this miracle beauty product! Conceal any greasy shine with the help of the dry shampoo. Don’t use for two days in a row, dry shampoo is there to help you during emergencies and over use can lead to different scalp health
  3. Change your parting if you feel your hair is getting greasy because that area of the head gets dirty really fast. Changing the side of your parting will also add new volume, creating a new look, and an appereance of oily hair will disappear.
  4. Improvise by accessorizing! Take that headscarf hidden in the drawer and save your hair for a day! Conceal greasy hair with the help of headpieces such as headbands and flowers, pin it up or put in a ponytail.
  5. Pay attention to water temperature. Stay away from hot water if you don’t want to have your hair get really greasy fast. Avoid using heat when drying it out as well.
  6. This is the best hairstyle you could go for if you want to conceal greasy hair roots. Rock the braid with confidence and make sure the braid is not too smooth, make is messy!
  7. Wash your brushes. Don’t forget to clean your styling tools to prevent residues of skin fat, conditioner and other styling substances that may affect the cleanliness of your hair.
  8. Comb your hair before going to bed! Braid your hair before going to bed, this will keep your hair in place and prevent it from getting greasy overnight.
  9. Avoid flat hairdos that will accentuate your greasy hair. Go for messier and extra volume, putting the hair in a stylish bun.


What Happens With Your Body If You Have Morning Sex

Love makes the world go round and everything seems better when you’re in love and your heart is happy. Did it ever occur to you that love is the perfect side dish to your breakfast?Careful conducted studies have shown that intercourse in the first hours of the day make you more effective at work, have tons of health benefits and will assure you with just the perfect amount of happiness and energy for the entire day.

Are you ready to use this as an excuse the next time you are late for work?

Intercourse in the morning is the most pleasant exercise you could be doing, this will reduce significantly the risk for blood pressure problems and it will keep headaches away for the entire day.

The effort will also fill your lungs and body with oxygen that will keep you full of energy throughout the day, making you more active and creative.

Sex is the best make-up trick you can use as well. It will boost your estrogen production making sure your hair and skin have that amazing glow you love so much! Skip your expensive beauty treatments for some homemade magic and enjoy the benefits.

So, next time you set up your alarm, make some time for sex in the morning!

On the plus side, it will pleasantly surprise your partner and he will benefit from it as well! The connection between you and your partner will be even stronger after deciding to wake up like this, and your couple will see the same advantages as your health.

Remember the health benefits go both ways, your significant other will also enjoy a productive day with less stress and more creativity and great energy.

Share your love and show your care with a little bit of affection in the morning!

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