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How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

We all apply perfume in the morning hoping it would last for an entire day and will return home still smelling nice and fresh.Reality, however, kicks in when a few hours later there is almost no trace of the perfume and we are left wondering as to its originality and qualities. Truth be told, there are various factors that affect the persistence of a perfume, and its brand is not always a strong indicator. It’s more about knowing how and where to apply the fragrance, and how to store it so it retains its quality.

Read on and remember a few tricks that will help you enjoy your favorite perfume longer!

  1. Next time you apply perfume, wait for it to dry out a bit and then rub a bit of lip balm on your skin. It is better to use a lip balm that has no smell or color.
  2. Spray your hairbrush and brush your hair. It will retain the smell better this way instead of direct spraying on the hair.
  3. Store your perfume in the bedroom or any other dry room. Bathroom is not a good place as the humidity and dampness will weaken the fragrance.
  4. Always moisturize before applying fragrance. Oily skin retains fragrance for longer.
  5. Don’t rub writs together after applying perfume as friction will cause the top notes of the perfume to fade faster and the perfume will not last as long.
  6. Know the different types of perfume and what to expect of them. Be aware of the differences between body sprays, eau de cologne, eau de toilette and the extrait de parfum and eau de parfum. The later two are more pungent and last the longest, while the sprays and eau de cologne and toilette have a low concentration of fragrance oils and more subtle scents.
  7. Don’t shake the perfume as it may get air inside and reduce thus reduce the perfume’s quality.
  8. Store your perfume in a dark place, as far away from the daylight as possible.

Follow our advice and enjoy your favorite scent longer!

Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Shoes

Buying a perfect pair of shoes in terms of quality, style and comfort is equal to having magic powers! There are some guidelines that can help you choose the perfect pair of shoes that will make you feel and look great at the same time! Take into account our advice the next time you go shoe shopping!

  1. Go shopping in the afternoon instead of morning. Your feet get a bit swollen in the afternoon and it will be the perfect time to understand which shoes are comfortable all day long.
  2. Don’t buy shoes based on their appearance that are uncomfortable but you hope to wear them in soon. Shoes are supposed to be comfortable, otherwise they will lead to blood circulations problems and muscle strains.
  3. Pay attention to the flexibility of the sole, as an insufficiently flexible sole will prevent the foot joints from moving normally. Take a shoe in one hand and bend its toe part with the other hand.
  4. Check for stability when buying new shoes. Apply pressure on the midfoot and see if the heel slides back. If it does, put the pair back on the shelf as it is a clear sign of uncomfortable shoes!
  5. Test walk the shoes on a solid surface. Carpets make any shoes feel comfortable, so walk off the carpet onto the bare floor to get a better idea of the shoes.
  6. Check your new shoes by hand from the inside. The inner surface should be soft and smooth, otherwise it may cause inconveniences to your feet. The insole should also be supple and easy to remove.
  7. Check for any deformations. Make sure the toe and the heel part keep their shape. Check this by squeezing the shoes and notice if they take a long time to get back in shape. No lasting deformations should remain, otherwise they may put unnecessary strain on your feet when walking.
  8. Try on several sizes and settle on the one that feels most comfortable even if it’s not the size you are usually buying.

Attention to details and patience will help you find the perfect pair of shoes!

Mistakes You’re Probably Making In The Shower

It may come as a surprise, but there are a few things that should be avoided during a shower. Even if taking a shower is something that comes as a no brainer and is a relatively easy thing to do on a daily basis, there are things that put your health at risk and do you absolutely no good. Watch out for them and see how your skin and overall feeling will improve.

  1. Avoid hot showers. You should avoid hot showers at all costs, no matter the season. Hot water strips your skin of grease, even the good grease gets affected, the kind of grease that could otherwise protect your skin. This can lead to skin rashes and Warm and even lukewarm showers are a lot better for your body.
  2. Don’t prolong your shower unecessary. Like hot water, taking a normal temperature shower, but for longer period of time will also affect your skin. The best lenght of a shower is around ten minutes. Don’t forget about the clock the next time you hop in for a shower.
  3. Don’t use foam. Shower gels that create a lot of foam are also bad for your skin. The ingredients contained in foam can dry up the skin too much. Still, if you used foam, don’t forget to apply a hydrating cream afterwards to give your skin a sense of protection.
  4. Get rid of all old sponges. Pay special attention to the bath sponges you use. They are the perfect environment for all kind of bacteria and even mold.

Leaving them full of water in the dark bathroom, will only aid the apparition of new bacteria and the growth and development of the existing one. It is highly recommended that you get a new bath sponge every other four weeks.

Put Vinegar Into the Toilet Tank And Watch What Happens

Keeping your home clean and your bathroom free of any bacteria is no longer a dream. Quit using all sorts of chemical cleaners and disinfectants that are doing more harm than good to your household. There are lots of natural alternatives that help you maintain a healthy and clean home for you and your loved ones.

If your main concern is having a clean and non-chemically treated bathroom, you are lucky, because we have an amazing advice that will clean and disinfect the main source of bacteria: your toilet.

For this natural cleaning mixture you will need a glass of 9% concentrated vinegar and baking soda or iodine solution.

Proceed to heating the glass of vinegar till it gets to about 40 degrees C and then mix it with the baking soda. Your proportions should be as follows: for 200 grams of vinegar you will need 1 tablespoon of soda. Pour the mixture in the toilet tank and leave it there for a few hours or even overnight. You can flush the water afterwards. Repeat the process several times.

If you don’t have any baking soda near, no worries, you can still clean your toilet with the help of vinegar only. Empty the water tank and wipe dry the surface of the tank with a clean cloth. Apply vinegar to the stained areas and leave for 2-6 hours, afterwards clean the dirt with a non-metal scraper.

Vinegar is great in dissolving limescale and cleaning rust off of metal parts. Vinegar is also great at removing unpleasant odors and does not need any cleaning as it evaporates by itself.

Bacteria such as shigella and E. coli are destroyed completely by vinegar and thus you escape the risk of dysentery.

Remember all about vinegar’s properties the next time you find yourself trying to choose an expensive chemical cleaning product from the shelves of a supermarket.

Fatal Mistakes That Spoil a First Impression

You can never get a second chance to make a first impression so be careful when meeting a person for the first time. It takes just seven seconds to form an opinion and sometimes, the impression is so strong it cannot be changed for years! There are a few of unforgivable mistakes that most people make when meeting new people.

1. Do not lie, lies are transparent and eventually truth always takes over. We all tell the occasional lie, during interviews or first dates, but they may turn against us. When you talk honestly about things and admit your mistakes as well as your flaws, you’re opening yourself up. The person you are talking to is feeling comfortable and this creates a strong sense of trust. Relationships based on trust are always stronger than those founded on deception.

  1. Trying too hard.

It is rather easy to tell when someone is trying too hard to impress. Open up gradually to people until you feel they are ready to accept you the way you are, but don’t try too hard to seem someone you are not.

  1. Being too open.

Sometimes you feel so connected to a person you feel the strong desire to share all your life story. It is not a very good idea for a first impression. Don’t be too open up as you may come across as lacking in maturity and seriousness. Don’t talk too much about your personal life without asking anything about the other person’s life as you will see things getting awkward really soon.

  1. Don’t be scared of pauses.

Pauses in conversations are normal. Don’t try to fill them up with inappropriate jokes as you will get the opposite reaction of what you are hoping for. Try not to be pushy, if a conversation does not flow, it will drown. Let it go and say good bye with dignity.

  1. Don’t be too nosy.

It is a really good idea to show genuine interest in a new acquaintance but be careful not to seem too nosy. Take an interest in their opinions, ask them questions but if you feel there is a particular topic they are avoiding, do not insist. Also, remember not to turn a friendly conversation into an interrogation. Don’t ask to many questions, especially private ones when you meet someone for the first time.


Here Is How To Identify Fake Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are no longer a secret to anyone, praised in countless articles and in the media, coconut oil is the miracle product of the century. With such a resume it comes as no wonder the demand for the product has skyrocketed at an incredible speed. This made it possible for different brands to sell cheaper versions of the coconut oil claiming it to be the real deal. The danger with these fake products is the fact they are extremely low in healthy nutrients and sometimes are even dangerous for the health!

Unfortunately, coconut oil is rather easy to fake but there are a few tricks to spotting the real oil among the fake versions.

  1. Buy virgin or extra virgin oil because these are harder to fake, while natural simple coconut oil can be chemically obtained.
  2. Check the package and see if there is any dirt and the product has a clear consistency. This is very important because dirt will spoil it in a very short time-span.
  3. Coconut oil should smell and taste like coconut, this is the whole idea of the product. If the product you are buying has no smell or taste resemblance to the real deal, you should avoid it because that is a sign it has been chemically treated and bleached, which may cause some very disturbing changes in the product’s structure and later on in your body.
  4. The price of an original product is always big because there are certain costs that ensure the fact that the product has been prepared and packed carefully to ensure it is not damaged.
  5. Check the package as well, original coconut oil should be packed in a glass bottle because plastic damages the taste and the perfume of the oil. Plastic packages are a clear sign of a low quality product.

Be careful with the products you buy and always check labels for more information!

Habits That Are Causing You To Gain Weight

Are you staying away from fast food and candy, do you hit the gym on a regular basis and still manage to gain weight instead of losing it? It may come as a surprise, but weight often has nothing to do with your eating habits but is connected to your daily habits. Read on and see if you are also guilty of some of these weight gaining habits.

  1. Too much sleep. Sleep is great! During the nighttime your entire body is getting back to normal, cells regenerate and internal organs improve their functionality. You need sleep, still, oversleeping is not doing you any favors if you are looking to lose some extra pounds. Studies have linked higher body mass index to sleeping more than 10 hours a night.
  2. Getting ready in the dark. Morning light does you good! It is a natural metabolism booster and helps your body wake up and get ready for a new day! Don’t avoid the blue light waves from the early morning sun if you are in the process of losing weight.
  3. Make up your bed. Strange but true. Making your bed influences your sleep quality which plays a major role in your weight loss battle.
  4. Don’t forget to weight yourself. Daily weighing is a successful technique that encourages weight loss. It motivates you to keep up the good work and helps improve your self-esteem day by day. The best time for checking your weight is in the morning before you had any breakfast. Remember you are losing weight every night! Go check it in the morning.
  5. Have a proper sized breakfast! Mornings are for indulging yourself! Don’t hesitate and treat yourself with a delicious meal first thing in the morning! This is the most important meal of the day and the one that will give you energy all through the day!

Follow our advice and change your habits if you want to say good bye to a few extra kilos!

Forget About Bad Breath In 5 Minutes

Bad breath is not something that you can easily control. Sometimes it is caused by internal issues or poor hygiene. It can also affect people that are overly careful with their oral hygiene, as it may be the result of some bacteria living in their throat. Bad breath is not a medical issue, but it does create a lot of discomfort and may cause low self-esteem in the long run.

While it’s not something that can be treated once and for all, there are cases when bad breath disappears on its own.

Still, bad breath affects a lot of people and there are countless products on the market that all promise results, but very seldom deliver them.

Fortunately, there is one natural remedy that will make you forget all about bad breath! All you have to do is follow the instructions and stop wasting your money and time on inefficient products.

All you need in order to prepare the miracle mixture are a few ingredients that can easily be found in any kitchen: milk, cinnamon, honey and lemon.

Mix a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon, pour on top of them the lemon juice and a glass of cold milk. Blend them together really well and pour the mixture in a bottle.

Use the mixture to rinse your mouth twice a day and feel your breath improve with the time!

Keep the mixture in the fridge and don’t forget to prepare a new bottle every week for the best results!

It can also help rinsing your mouth with a mixture of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of baking soda.

Do this after you’ve thoroughly brushed your teeth and use the milk and honey mixture twice a day after the main meals.

If the bad breath continues to trouble you and does not seem to improve, it is worth seeing a specialist that can help you identify its cause!

Avoid Mosquito Bites Using This Amazing Mixture!

Summer is already around the corner and unfortunately, it brings together with sun and hot temperatures another things we are not looking forward to. One such less pleasant gift is the appearance of mosquitos and all sorts of smaller insects that are a real summer night nightmare!

They invade parks that are a relaxation paradise after a hot day in a heated office. They get in your homes uninvited and keep you up all night with their noise.

And most importantly, the mosquito bites that look so unaesthetic and can get easily infected, causing real headaches and scratching issues.

Still, this is not even the worst case scenario. You must not forget about the diseases mosquitos can spread away. They are the carriers of some of the most dangerous diseases in the world. One tiny bite is enough to infect with lethal viruses such as malaria, Zika, yellow fever, Chikunhunya disease, encephalitis and many other exotic and common diseases. It is also a popular carrier of Hepatitis C that is very often incurable.

These are the main reasons you should always be alert when you start hearing their characteristic noise around.

Mosquito repellent products are sold almost in every store and there are some sprays that are quite efficient in keeping the small, annoying insects away. Still, all these products are chemically obtained and their smell is quite disturbing. Some of the sprays contain hard toxins that irritate the skin and the respiratory system.

Take this into account and turn towards natural remedies that are just as effective!

There is a foolproof trick that will keep you mosquito free all summer long!

Prepare a mixture of a teaspoon of vanilla, 30 drops of eucalypt or lemon oil and 120 ml of pure alcohol or vodka.

Mix them well together and spray a small quantity every other 4 hours for the best results!


What Happens to Your Body 10 Hours After You Apply Nail Polish

You are definitely aware of the fact that nail polish has bad influence on the health of your nails. In time they dry up and turn yellow. But are you aware of the immediate reactions your body has to nail polish? Do you know just what ingredients harm you and the way the affect your health?

The main danger of nail polish is its toxicity, because they may contain the following components:

  • Toluene- a solvent that gives the nails a smooth finish and preserves the pigment. Toluene can affect the central nervous system and cause serious reproductive disorders. Feelings of nausea, fainting, weakness and headaches are all signs of a substandard nail polish.
  • Dibutyl phthalate is used as a fragrance and can cause endocrine disorders, gynecological diseases and diseases of the respiratory tract.
  • Formaldehyde prolongs the polish’s storage life. It is a highly dangerous ingredient as it may trigger rhythm disorders, convulsions and even cancer.

Studies have shown that levels of diphenyl phosphate elevate alarmingly in the following 6 hours after applying nail polish. The results are beyond disturbing.

This is a powerful proof of the quickness with which the harmful ingredients make their way in the human body. What is even more disturbing is the fact that women don’t pay attention to this procedure, constantly putting themselves at risk!

It is specifically because of these ingredients that nail polish is not advisable for pregnant women, and they should indeed follow the doctor’s advice and give up nail polish for the time they are pregnant.

Still, there are ways to protect yourself from the harmful ingredients contained in nail polishes. Check the bottles for a few special markings:

  • ‘’5-Free’’ means the product does not contain formaldehyde, derivate resins from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalates or camphor.
  • ‘’3-Free” means the nail polish is free of just three of the most harmful components: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalates.

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