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6 Signs You May Be Addicted to Coffee

What starts as a hobby and out of pleasure, can often turn to a threatening addiction and coffee makes no exception. Coffee is the only way reason many of us function during the day, it’s helping us start a new day and there are few pleasures in life that compare to its rich, hot, roasted aroma in the morning.

Still, mesmerizing as it is, coffee can also get you hooked on caffeine and that is not a very good idea. Too much coffee can result in sleeping problems, heart palpitations and nervousness.

The signs of coffee addiction are all here and they are easy to notice:

  1. Regular coffee drinkers get strong headaches if they miss their morning cup of coffee. Caffeine is known to produce changes in the cerebral blood flow, so that is why any change of dosage will have its say in your well-being.
  2. Super grumpy. Hating everyone and feeling super grumpy before getting a cup of coffee is explained by the fact that caffeine stimulates the dopamine receptors and they make you feel good afterwards. Without coffee the body relies on itself to create and maintain your mood.
  3. Concentration issues without caffeine. You are a certified caffeine addict if your brain is foggy and you cannot focus without your daily dose.
  4. If you keep increasing the quantity for the same effect it means your body built a considerable tolerance towards caffeine’s effects. This is a decisive point: should you drink more coffee, or cut back and feel the withdrawals for a while?
  5. Feeling nervous and anxious for no apparent reason. This may be a particular consequence of coffee. Not every body reacts the same way. But if the feelings of anxiety and stress keep increasing, you should really consider on cutting it back.
  6. You can’t imagine life without coffee. This is the most important sign of a real addict.

If you decided it is time to give up coffee, consider doing it slowly, lower the dosage, take your time, don’t shock your body.

What Means Metallic Taste In The Mouth

A metallic taste in the mouth is a symptom that should raise some concerns because it can point to some serious health issues such as diabetes, liver problems or kidney failure. Still, there are some milder triggers that can all cause the taste.

  1. Respiratory infection- mild colds or sinusitis are temporary infections but can still cause the metallic taste. The symptoms disappear when the body is healed and health is restored.
  2. Certain medicine- some medicine are absorbed by the body and then get in the mouth through saliva. Antibiotics, lithium and allopurinol as well as antidepressants are all responsible for affecting the taste buds and the taste in the mouth.
  3. Chemical radiation- if you breathed in air that was contaminated with mercury, chances are you will feel a metallic taste in your mouth the following few days.
  4. Dementia- dementia affects all brain cells and especially the ones that are responsible for taste. Because of this, most dementia patients live with this metallic taste in their mouths.
  5. Supplements- food supplements that contain doses of heavy metals such as zinc, chrome, iron, calcium or copper can all trigger a metallic taste. It is documented that the taste stops when the treatment stops or when the body learns how to deal with them effectively. If it does not disappear and increases, check to see if you are not overdosing. This may put your health in danger as you are putting an unnecessary strain on your body to process all the heavy metals.
  6. Cancer treatments- chemotherapy and radiotherapy are all factors that favor the apparition of the metallic taste in the mouth of the patients. This is explained by the fact that both procedures are extremely powerful and are responsible for a great number of chemical reactions within the body.

Here Is How Often You Should Change Your Pajama And Why

Numerous researches have come to the conclusion that people don’t know the rules of wearing a pajama. Men decide to change their old set of pajamas after wearing them for 13 days, while it takes women roughly 17 days to get another set from the drawer. Thing is, in fact, you should be changing to a new pajama every other two days in order to avoid a lot of health and skin issues that may arise from wearing the same set too much.

  1. Staph infections. The staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, the type of germs that are commonly found on the skin or in the nose of most people, even healthy individuals. Still, when the number of germs increases due to wearing the same piece of clothing, it is very likely they will eventually find their way into the human body. Infections can occur in the simplest of ways, through ingrown hairs and even small cuts.
  2. Pimples are the result of bacteria, skin oils and dead cells that clog pores. Change your pajamas and have a shower if you want to get rid of pimples.
  3. Insomnia is also connected to wearing the same pajama for a longer period of time. A cleaner set of pajamas offers a different feeling of relaxation.
  4. Dust mites. Dust mites are feeding off dead cells, which is why they are particularly attracted to the bed area and especially the pajamas. They are responsible for respiratory issues.
  5. Weak immune system. If you are not changing your pajamas as often as you should, you oblige your body and immune system to be constantly watching out for bacteria and keep them at distance. This only makes your system weak and vulnerable. Help yourself by keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

Hopefully we have convinced you to change your pajamas tonight!

The Hidden Thoughts Of Every Zodiac Sign

You are aware of the way the astrological sign affects people, but do you realize how much individuals of a certain sign resemble between themselves? There are some thoughts that cross their minds on a regular basis.

1.    Aries. People from this sign want to conquer the world. They feel the need to be in charge and are very often perceived as being arrogant.

2.    Taurus. Stubborn and wishing for things to be done a certain way. He has very good intentions but may come across as stubborn and furious.

3.    Gemini. These individuals seem to be all over the place, but all they think about is having fun. They change their minds quite often.

4.    Cancer. Cancer is trying to hide away their sensible side because they feel people may try to take advantage of them.

5.    Leo. Sure of themselves and loving the spotlight, a Leo is always certain of his power.

6.    Virgo. Very down-to-earth, Virgo is always trying to see things in a logical way. They don’t like people that don’t use logic to measure their actions.

7.    Libra. Libra is very hard working and they are aware of the fact that happiness is something that is achieved, not gifted.

8.    Scorpio. These people are mysterious and don’t like sharing too much information about themselves as they think that too much of anything can ruin stuff.

9.    Sagittarius. They run away from boredom and look for adventure and new interesting interactions. They like to be around people from whom they can learn.

10.Capricorn. Addicted to work, a Capricorn will despise people that don’t like to work and spend their life in vain. Capricorn likes to have a purpose and loves to work in order to achieve his goals.

11.Aquarius. They like to rationalize everything and will overlook the sentimental implications of many actions. Very often, however, Aquarius will doubt his own rational arguments.

12.Pisces. Even though they seem very determined and sure of themselves, Pisces are actually rather insecure and sensible.

Don’t Do This If Your Partner Cheats On You!

According to specialists, the first impulse upon hearing your partner has been unfaithful is to share and spread the news among your friends and family. Don’t do this if he cheats on you, keep calm, and avoid talking about this incident with your relatives and especially children. You should evaluate the situation and see if the relationship is still worth mending and fighting for. Breaking up and divorce are not the only options out in such cases.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people who cheat on their partner and spouse, but the marriage can still function. The right decisions that will follow such a milestone should be taken together by communicating and trying to solve the issue.

The first thoughts after learning the hard truth are not always the ones that you should trust. You will be feeling furious, hurt and betrayed.

Therapists suggest people should ask themselves if they sincerely believe their relationships can survive this and if they are worth saving. But the guilty partner should acknowledge his mistake, be responsible for his actions and show his desire of commitment to the relationship.

Keep your dignity and never beg him to stay! The biggest mistake after finding out the partner has been cheating is begging him on your knees to stay and give your relationship another chance. You are not to be blamed and there is no scenario where you should be the one that is doing sacrifices for the sake of the relationship. The efforts to save the relationship should be equally made if you want to make it function once more.

Do seek couples counseling. Don’t be ashamed to admit you may need therapy and the advice of a therapist to move past this. Truth is, such moments are overwhelming and it is pretty hard to handle them on your own. Cheating has a lot more other implications and you will need to mend what was broken besides the trust.

Overcoming this is not easy, but it should be done elegantly, in private, because it is a matter that is regarding your couple only.

7 Causes For Night Sweats You Should Know

Night sweats are a subject that is on a lot of minds. They can either be connected with temperature changes, or have more serious triggers. Read on and identify the cause of your night sweats. You may also consider seeing a doctor for more information.

  1. When reaching menopause, temperature changes are a rather common thing that can cause night sweats. Unfortunately, there are no foolproof treatments that can stop them, but a proper diet and vitamins can ease the changes.
  2. Certain medicine. There are lots of pills and treatments that can provoke the appearance of night sweats. Anti-depressants and aspirin are included in this list. But you should still check with your doctor to see if the treatment you are following is indeed the one responsible for you sweating during the night.
  3. Night sweats are an early sign of lymphoma, the type of cancer that affects the immune system. Other symptoms are excessive weight loss and fever.
  4. Infections such as tuberculosis, endocarditis, osteomyelitis or abscess can all cause night sweats due to the way they all affect the body.
  5. Stress and anxiety joined by nerves, distress and frustration, as well as over-burdening all can start off night sweats. The only way to fight them is taking time to meditate and relax before going to bed.
  6. Sleep disorders. Night sweats can be caused by different sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia and sleep deprivation. Other symptoms that indicate the presence of a sleep disorder are falling asleep during the day, high blood pressure as well as the feeling of choking during sleep.
  7. People that suffer from diabetes as well as others that deal with hypoglycemia can all be affected by night sweats. This is a common symptom of their health issue.

The Reason You Should Never Use Perfume Before Sun Exposure

There are a few guidelines when it comes to protecting your skin during the summer. Some of the rules refer to applying protective creams, not leaving the house without sunscreen, while others talk about the things you should avoid applying before placing yourself in direct sunlight.

Perfume is very popular beauty and care product. It can truly influence and affect the way we are feeling, especially since the heat of the summer days enhances the trace we leave behind us. Still, it is highly advisable you think twice before reaching for the perfume bottle during the hot season.

Another product that joins perfume is the aftershave. Both of them can lead to a skin affection called poikiloderma.

Poikiloderma is a skin condition that consists of areas of hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation and atrophy. It is most frequently seen on the chest and neck and is associated with sun damaged, characterized by red colored pigment on the skin.

Besides poikiloderma, using perfume and aftershave while sunbathing can lead to numerous small capillaries getting broken.

These skin conditions are caused by the chemical reaction that is happening between the small perfume particles and heat as well as sun rays. This is also true when using the hair dryer on the hot regime as well as going to a sauna.

The health of your skin is quite a delicate subject during the summer months and you should not ignore any advice.

Try and stay out of the sun as much as possible and always use sunscreen SPF30 when leaving the house. Also, pay close attention to the products you use. Some of them may be doing you a lot of harm during the summer hot days.

Avoid perfume and use a light skin spray that is specially designed to be used in the heat and sun.

Keep your skin healthy!

Genius Trick To Stop Foggy Mirrors In The Bathroom

We all know how cleaning products don’t always do the trick, and sometimes it is better to rely on something simpler for the best results. Such is the case of the steamed bathroom mirror that is a total headache. The mirror gets all steamed up in the most inappropriate moments. Find out a genius trick to stop foggy mirrors in the bathroom.

Try cleaning it with a mixture of water and gelatin and be prepared for the surprising result: a mirror that will no longer be touched by steam!

Other tips and tricks are:

  • Clean your cooking stove with baking soda and hot water, pay attention to its filter.
  • Get rid of bacteria and germs that reside in your kitchen sponge by putting it in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. The heat will kill all the bacteria!
  • Clean your computer’s keyboard with chewing gum. Chewing gum will reach for dirt in places that are pretty hard to get otherwise.
  • For a pleasant smell all over your house, put vanilla in the cooking stove.
  • Use baking soda to clean up your bed mattress. Wet the surface with the help of a moist cloth and then pour some baking soda on it, rubbing it gently. Leave a few minutes and then with the same cloth remove the baking soda.
  • Make a mixture of white vinegar and water to clean up the carpets and moquette.
  • Clean the door handles with a mixture of baking soda and coconut oil. This will successfully eliminate the handprints and grease that accumulated with the years.
  • Your windows will be much cleaner if you clean them with a newspaper.
  • If you are dreaming of a super clean washing machine, put some washing powder inside and turn it on.
  • Your dish washing machine can be easily cleaned with hot water mixed with a bit of vinegar and some bleach.
  • Get rid of dust! Use a wet cloth and see dust get immediately get stuck to it!

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

We all apply perfume in the morning hoping it would last for an entire day and will return home still smelling nice and fresh.Reality, however, kicks in when a few hours later there is almost no trace of the perfume and we are left wondering as to its originality and qualities. Truth be told, there are various factors that affect the persistence of a perfume, and its brand is not always a strong indicator. It’s more about knowing how and where to apply the fragrance, and how to store it so it retains its quality.

Read on and remember a few tricks that will help you enjoy your favorite perfume longer!

  1. Next time you apply perfume, wait for it to dry out a bit and then rub a bit of lip balm on your skin. It is better to use a lip balm that has no smell or color.
  2. Spray your hairbrush and brush your hair. It will retain the smell better this way instead of direct spraying on the hair.
  3. Store your perfume in the bedroom or any other dry room. Bathroom is not a good place as the humidity and dampness will weaken the fragrance.
  4. Always moisturize before applying fragrance. Oily skin retains fragrance for longer.
  5. Don’t rub writs together after applying perfume as friction will cause the top notes of the perfume to fade faster and the perfume will not last as long.
  6. Know the different types of perfume and what to expect of them. Be aware of the differences between body sprays, eau de cologne, eau de toilette and the extrait de parfum and eau de parfum. The later two are more pungent and last the longest, while the sprays and eau de cologne and toilette have a low concentration of fragrance oils and more subtle scents.
  7. Don’t shake the perfume as it may get air inside and reduce thus reduce the perfume’s quality.
  8. Store your perfume in a dark place, as far away from the daylight as possible.

Follow our advice and enjoy your favorite scent longer!

Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Shoes

Buying a perfect pair of shoes in terms of quality, style and comfort is equal to having magic powers! There are some guidelines that can help you choose the perfect pair of shoes that will make you feel and look great at the same time! Take into account our advice the next time you go shoe shopping!

  1. Go shopping in the afternoon instead of morning. Your feet get a bit swollen in the afternoon and it will be the perfect time to understand which shoes are comfortable all day long.
  2. Don’t buy shoes based on their appearance that are uncomfortable but you hope to wear them in soon. Shoes are supposed to be comfortable, otherwise they will lead to blood circulations problems and muscle strains.
  3. Pay attention to the flexibility of the sole, as an insufficiently flexible sole will prevent the foot joints from moving normally. Take a shoe in one hand and bend its toe part with the other hand.
  4. Check for stability when buying new shoes. Apply pressure on the midfoot and see if the heel slides back. If it does, put the pair back on the shelf as it is a clear sign of uncomfortable shoes!
  5. Test walk the shoes on a solid surface. Carpets make any shoes feel comfortable, so walk off the carpet onto the bare floor to get a better idea of the shoes.
  6. Check your new shoes by hand from the inside. The inner surface should be soft and smooth, otherwise it may cause inconveniences to your feet. The insole should also be supple and easy to remove.
  7. Check for any deformations. Make sure the toe and the heel part keep their shape. Check this by squeezing the shoes and notice if they take a long time to get back in shape. No lasting deformations should remain, otherwise they may put unnecessary strain on your feet when walking.
  8. Try on several sizes and settle on the one that feels most comfortable even if it’s not the size you are usually buying.

Attention to details and patience will help you find the perfect pair of shoes!

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