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3 Common Mistakes Everyone Does When Using Toilet Paper

If you often suffer of urinary or genital infections, one of the reasons can be that you use the toilet paper wrong. Unfortunately, not many people are aware by the fact the improper use of toilet paper means improper hygiene, that most of the times leads to infections.

These are more common mistakes that you should make them and you are not aware of them. Unfortunately, these mistakes are not inoffensive. In this article you will find out 3 common mistakes that many persons make them when using toilet paper. Let”s find them:

You stay too much time on the toilet

Sometimes, when you sit on the toilet for a long time, this leads to apparition of haemorrhoids, because of the tension of staying too long. Try to avoid doing this or at least take a few breaks by getting up and walking a bit.

You wipe too much

Toilet paper irritate the perineal skin and leads to irritation and itching. If you wipe twice is enough. But if you need to wipe more, it means that you have not completely emptied bowels. Always use soft toilet paper without perfumes and additional colors, because it is less irritate the skin. You can also use a bidet. It is more indicated.

You wipe wrong

Many women make this mistake: wipe from the back in front. In this way you transfer the bacteria from rect to urethra. Unlike men, women have a much shorter urethra so, the bacteria quickly and easily reach the bladder and cause infection.

How to Easily Remove Pesticides From Your Fruits and Vegetables

When we buy fruits and vegetables, there is no better option than choosing ecological products. However, trustworthy sellers are hard to be found and the ecological products tend to cost much more than conventional ones. Because of the high price, we often buy conventional products instead ecological products, which are sprayed with many pesticides. Now there is a very simple method to eliminate all pesticides from fruits and vegetables that we eat. It is so simple that you would not believe!

In a fruit/vegetable from supermarket can be found 7 types of pesticides. Among the best known effects of pesticides on human health are indicated chloracne (acne rash caused by chlorine) – but also disorientation, anxiety, depression and even paranoid behaviour.

A simple trick can help you remove all pesticide residues from products purchased at the store. For this, you need little water, vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.

Procedure: Take a small bowl. In this bowl, mix 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix very well the ingredients and them transfer the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the fruits and vegetables. Leave the solution to act 5 minutes, then wash the fruits and vegetables very well. All the pesticides and toxic substances will disappear by using this simple trick!

This method is very effective, because pesticides and toxic substances are deposited in the peel of the fruits and vegetables.

From now on, you can buy cheapest aliments and to “detoxify them” by pesticide. I also recommend you to use this trick for ecological fruits and vegetables. Hope from now you can protect better from these harmful substances.

Amazing Exercise to Help You Not Wear Glasses Anymore

One of the basic principles of medicine says that if you don’t use the muscles, they lead to atrophy. Exactly like all groups of muscles, also the eye muscles need exercises in order to keep them healthy. In this article I will present you a great exercise that if you repeat it daily, you will improve your eyesight and you will not wear glasses anymore.

In order to succeed to quit glasses, here are some tricks and an amazing exercise that will help you a lot:

1. Avoid the overstrain of the eye during the day. Every 2-3 hours, close your eyes for a few minutes and relax.

2. If you wear glasses, limit their wearing as more as possible. Do not wear glasses when you don’t make activities that strain the eyes very much.

3. With closed eyelids, massage your eyeballs using circular motion without pressing too hard!

4. When you go out for a walk, try to focus your view straight ahead in a more distant point. Avoid to look in the ground or to focus on the points at a short distance from you.

5. Drink often carrot juice (ideal is to drink one glass per day).

6. When you have tired eyes, wash your face with warm water.

7. Try not to spend too much time in front of the computer, television or phone, 2 hours before bedtime.

8. Practice Trataka yoga exercise designed to strengthen your eyesight and concentration. Place a bright object in the foreground at the eyes level(ideal is to use a candle – see picture above), and focus on it for several minutes, trying not to blink at all. Then close your eyes and try to keep a more accurate mental image of the object viewed. Relax, then repeat the exercise until you manage to clearly visualize the object using the “mind’s eye”. Repeat this exercise daily and the results will be visible in very short time!

The Meaning Of Letter M On Your Palms

Palmistry is an old method of predicting the future and the interpretation of a person’s personality from the pattern of hands’ lines. Sometimes these lines can form even numbers and letters. One of these letters can be the letter M, whose significance has been investigated by many occultists.

As many believe, the lines in the palm reveals our character and destiny. The letter M is assigned to truly special people. They are endowed with an extraordinary intuition and represents the ideal partners for any business.

If you the people you love have the special letter M on the inside of the palm, you have to know the fact that you can not scoff and you can not lie or deceive in any way that person. Being highly intelligent and intuitive, people with the letter M in the palm easily realise they are lied or deluded.

Women who have the letter M in the palm have a stronger intuition than men, even than those who own this letter.

They are endowed with the power to manage and traverse any obstacles in life, and know how to exploit the resources and opportunities that are offered.

The letter “M” in your palm can also signifies:

• Leadership skills

• Wealth

• Cheer

• Excellent opportunities

According to popular tradition, this sign is characteristic to the prophets. So, if you wear this sign in your hand, you are truly a special person!

The Secret Behind The “X” On Your Palms

Reading palms is an ancient method, used by Greeks and Egyptians to discover details about future. Palmistry (the technique of reading palms) dates since the stone age. Is was discovered images representing paintings of human hands.  This indicates that people in those days had a special interest in this part of the body. Such paintings are found in Lascaux in France, Santander caves in Spain but most are in caves in Africa. Palmistry from Greek is supposed that came from India. Aristotle wrote this about 2500 years ago.

There are many palmistry technique, but today I will learn you to read the letter “X” from your palms and the meaning of it.

According to TSI University from Moscow, in the last report titled The Mystery Behind Palm’s X, were studied 2 million people, worldwide, to discover the connection between them and the X.

Their work showed that subjects were the most remarkable men in the world, including Vladimir Putin or Abraham Lincoln.

It is said that these people have a very strong character and that their destiny should not be planned. These individuals doesn’t plan their success, it simply appears in their lives. These people are immediately distinguished, they know people very well and you never can’t lie them. You can try, but with no success.

Besides the psychic dominant, these people are physically very strong. The study also showed that these people are not prone to diseases and can change the lives of others.

In conclusion, these persons with the letter X in their palms are great leaders and are not easily to forget.

Homemade Cellulite Scrub

Any cellulite treatment has limited effect. But no matter how disarmingly sounds, with proper and continuous care you can prevent  the expansion of cellulite. I use a popular treatment that is very cheap and you can prepare it at home. It think it;s the best treatment for cellulite. Try my cellulite scrub recipe

Ingredients and procedure: What you need for this treatment ? Half a cup of coffee, a quarter cup of brown sugar and some olive oil. Treatment is simple: wet your skin, then apply olive oil on cellulite areas. Continue massaging the skin with coffee and sugar mixture using circular motions for several minutes. I prefer to mix them all from the beginning.

The essential condition: As you can see, the treatment is simple, but the if you want to see a result, you must reapply scrub weekly for several months. Otherwise … just after a use or two you’ll not see any changes.


How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair In a Natural Way

Facial hair is never welcome, but unfortunately many women, especially those with black hair, are facing with this annoying problem. In this article you will find out how to get rid of facial hair in a natural way, by using an amazing ingredient. This ingredient it is used by thousands of years by the women from India to get rid of facial hair.

In medical terms, the abnormal hair growing in the face is called hirsutism. The facial hair became a great concern for women and they are trying many methods to solve the facial hair problem.

Not everybody afford to spend money on removing their face hair with laser.  You don’t need to worried anymore about facial hair. This ingredient is the perfect, effective and cheap solution to get rid of facial hair.


– 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder

– warm water

Procedure: Mix the ingredients until you obtain a paste.  Wear plastic gloves, and apply the paste on the hairy areas. Leave the paste to act 20 minutes, then rinse it using a cotton cloth soaked in cold water. Repeat this procedure every day until the hair will disappear.  When the hair grows again, repeat again this procedure daily. You will notice that the hair will grow scarcer and harder and in time will completely disappear.

How the turmeric helps you to get rid of hair: Turmeric is a condiment that makes the hair to become thin, and in short time the roots gather and the hair fall down by itself.

how to get rid of facial hair in a natural way

Get Rid of Blackheads With Toothpaste

Blackheads are actually pores plugged with sebum, pollution and other substances. You can get rid of them, and methods are numerous. I will present you a weird, efficient  and cheap way to get rid of blackheads. I am sure you have the ingredient in your house!

Apply toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Wet the toothbrush and  your nose or the zone with blackheads

Using toothbrush, gently rub the affected area for several minutes.

If you have blackheads on nose, apply a minimal amount of toothpaste and avoid eye area.

Always sterilize your toothbrush in hot water after use; you have to use this toothbrush only for this purpose.

Repeat daily this procedure to solve the problem.

get rid of blackheads with toothpaste

5 Best Exercises For Bigger Lips

Many women inject botox to have bigger lips in order to become more attractive and sexy, but not everyone can afford this.

Every woman can have bigger lips using a natural way, by making some exercies that you can do home, spending no money.

Preparation Exercise – To get the best results, before starting exercise, wash your face and rinse mouth intense, first with warm water and then with cold water. Make a set of ten exercises at first, then gradually increase the number to 20.

Exercise 1 – Stretch your lips in front, open mouth, then slowly relax your facial muscles and stick your lips . Keep your mouth shut, and move sequentially your lips to the right and to the left, and draw a small 8.

Exercise 2 – Stretch your lips in front and then slowly exhale as you try to extinguish a candle. Easy, relax your lips after this exercise.

Exercise 3 – Inhale deeply and then  bulg out your cheeks out and pursed your lips. Breathe the air gradually, slowly at first, and when nearly finished, push the air out with 2-3 breath.

Exercise 4 – Slowly, like a song, tell [a] [e] [a] [u], then breathe deeply. BOMB out your cheeks and exhale air through the mouth half open, and breathe deeply. BOMB cheeks apart and exhale through the mouth half open for vibrating your lips. It should produce a noise like a whistle.

Exercise 5 – For 2-5 minutes whistle a song known. Try to make it sound as loud and clear as possible.

5 best exercises for bigger lips

How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally, Without Heat

Straighten your hair takes you too much time and makes your hair dried and burnt? It’s time to find out some tips & tricks about how to straighten your hair naturally, without heat. This is how your hair will be straight, but in the same time will be strong and healthy.

Straighten your hair without heat may seem a difficult process if you are part of the category of girls that are constantly using different gadgets to obtain a straight hair. In reality, with some dexterity (which you’ve probably already got if you get used to straighten your hair daily), you can obtain a hair perfectly straight in a natural way.

The only disadvantage of straighten your hair naturally is that it will take you more time. But I think it’s worth it, for the health of your hair. You will need: a shampoo, a  straight hairbrush, a towel, a hairdryer, a hair straightening spray and … patience.

1. Start from the shower

First thing you should do it is to buy a shampoo and a hair conditioner specially designed for straighten your hair. Pick some products that moisturizes and softens the hair. These products will prevent your hair to curl or to electrify. When you use hair conditioner, leave it to act a couple of minutes to penetrate deep into the hair and  to make it soft.

2. Remove the excess water from hair with a clean towel

Do not rub your hair with the towel, because you risk you make it break or to electrify. The right method is to gently pat your hair with towel and leave it a couple of minutes to dry naturally.

3. Brush your hair using a comb with big teeth

And then apply a hair straightening spray. Hesitate to apply too much product on the roots.

4. Using a straight brush, brush your hair and dry it in the same time

Take small strands of hair and dry it from the roots to the ends. Switch the temperature from hot to cold . In this way, not only will you  will dry your hair evenly, but you will protect from the high temperatures.

At final, you will notice that your hair is straight.

How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally, Without Heat

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