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5 Things Men Hate About Single Women

Single women have always been an enigma for men. They are independent and they like to stay single. They don’t need anyone’s help and relationships are not as important as having a career. This way they manage to keep all men at a distance and they only let serious men come closer.

Apart from the reasons that make all the single ladies real enigmas, there are some things that men hate at the same time. These 5 things make men keep their distance.

  1. Their indifference. Indifference is something that affects any man. Not answering calls and ignoring messages is not something that attracts them. This is something that will make men lose interest eventually.
  2. They hurry up the relationship. Single women are more concerned about their biological clock ticking than any other woman. They start hurrying the relationship hoping to get to a serious step sooner.
  3. They want a good guy but keep attracting bad boys. Good guys get tired really soon if all they hear about is the previous bad boys that were in the life of the single woman. Getting the standards straight would help in choosing a partner.
  4. Treating the pet as a family member. Seeing a woman treat her cat or dog as a child or a man is not healthy nor is it attractive. It is perfectly fine to care about one’s pet, but there should be a limit. Men don’t like to hear all about Kitty for the entire date.
  5. Being stubborn and independent is something that turns men off. One should always know there are limits to doing things on her own and women should accept some help from men every now and then. Men like to save a damsel in distress and it makes them feel good when they are offered the chance to show some chivalry.

The One Thing No One Realizes About Happiness

Would you like to come across a formula for success? How about happiness? Do they both go hand in hand in your opinion? Thing is, happiness is something we all strive for and often associate it with a certain degree of success, but most of the time we are happy simply when we achieve what we had in mind.

This gives us a small idea about the meaning of happiness. Most people don’t understand that happiness is not about what you have (or own), it is about where you feel you’re headed, about your dreams and hopes for the future. It is about your future progress.

Thus, put simply, happiness is progress, feeling like you are moving further and reaching your potential.

When you think about it this way, it is a lot easier to envision happiness, as you only need to set yourself up for success and invest time in improving yourself. You need to find the environment that would promote advancement.

Keep in mind, happiness can be found not only in your work, you can feel fulfilment coming from other creative hobbies besides work as well.

You should always be thinking: What is next? What’s there more to be discovered?

What will keep you excited and can you visualize your success?

Look for opportunities that will make you advance in your knowledge.

All these matter in the present as there is joy in anticipation too.

Studies have concluded the fact that people thinking about and planning a vacation are actually happier than actually taking it.

This has come to strengthen the fact that money does not buy happiness but a little strategizing and planning just might be.

Turn towards day dreaming and planning your future achievements as these are part of what will make you happy on a daily basis.

10 Signs You Should Go To The Emergency Room Immediately

Health is a precious gift, one that is very hard to regain but it is easy to take care of it. You may try to avoid hospitals and think you can cure whatever disease or health problem comes your way following some natural remedy, but truth is, you can’t. There are certain moments when you need to rush to the emergency room as fast as you can.

To best identify the cases when your thoughts should be focused on the best route to the hospital, we have talked to a physician who deals with all the health emergencies one can imagine. He consulted us on the situations that cannot be treated at home with any natural remedies.

We have thus come to the conclusion that the following scenarios need urgent medical assistance.

Read on and remember them:

  1. Acute pain or pressure in the chest.
  2. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  3. Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg (especially on one side of the body).
  4. Abdominal pain with vomiting.
  5. Fainting or sudden dizziness.
  6. Prolonged vomiting or diarrhea.
  7. Uncontrolled bleeding.
  8. Poisoning
  9. Severe burns.
  10. Sudden severe headache.

Other less serious conditions, such as the flu, fevers, rashes, wounds, sprains and short-term diarrhea may be treated just as effectively and perhaps more quickly at an immediate care center.

The most important things are to keep calm and assess the situation. In case the symptoms are taking you by surprise and do not seem to decrease in intensity over the course of a few hours, you may start to consider the fact that specialized medical assistance will be required.

Don’t be hesitant as it may only require a short consultation with the doctor to establish a diagnostic and set a course of treatment.

4 Amazing Beauty Remedies for Split Ends, Without Getting a Haircut!

Split ends are a headache that threatens to ruin our hairstyles and makes us book appointments almost every month. Split ends are one of the most common beauty problems and make the hair look weak and messy and lifeless. Good news is the fact that there are a few home remedies available that can help achieve the best hair with the least of efforts.

It is also worth noting that knowing what are the causes of split ends can help fight them:

  • Exposure to excessive heat, dust and pollution
  • Over-washing
  • Excessive use of hair-styling products
  • Irregular oiling of the hair
  • Washing with hot water
  • Chemical treatments
  • Exposure to hard and chlorinated water


The home remedies that can help you battle split ends are just as easy to use and make as they are efficient.

  1. Egg yolks. An egg yolk mask is the most effective remedy of all times as it has an adequate amount of protein that help strengthen the hair and prevent any more split ends. Make a mixture of an egg yolk and two tablespoons of olive oil, almond oil and honey. Apply on the moist hair for 30-45 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.
  2. A great ingredient for your hair, beer helps repair damaged hair follicles and supplies it with sugar and protein. Just make sure to use flat beer on your hair, wash your hair with beer after shampooing it and wash it off after 2-3 minutes with cold water.
  3. Honey is a famous healer, doing wonders for maintaining a healthy body, hair and skin. Just make a hair mask with honey, curd, olive oil and an egg yolk. Apply on the hair, including the scalp and keep it for 20-25 minutes before washing it off.
  4. Chamomile is another ingredient that does wonders for your hair. Give your hair a rinse every once in a while with chamomile tea and see it transform in beautiful and shiny hair.

Personality Test – Pick An Eye And See What It Reveals About You

Today you will make a personality test about eyes. Pick an eye, the first one that catches your attention. Don’t analyze or overthink about your choice. All you need to know is the fact that the results are indeed scientifically researched.

Let’s see what eye you picked at this personality test:

  1. Your most important quality is sincerity. You are a person that is enjoying new knowledge. You are ready to open up your heart at any time, often risking a lot, even if sometimes you get hit quite hard. You don’t lose faith and are not scared by previous experiences. You never show your insecurities to others. You like to solve your problems on your own, but are always ready to help others.
  2. The most important trait you possess is your sense of justice. You want to create a nice impression to the people around you, and you are trying to do all things right. You think that people should be judged according to their actions. You keep your problems out of the public’s eyes and don’t like to share them with others, as people should not see when you are sad of unhappy. There is too much injustice around you and you live to be useful to others.
  3. Choosing this makes you an unhappy person. It seems like you’ve had a troubling past and its print is still strong in the present. It may seem like life is really touch and unpleasant. You try to find refuge in your own world as you avoid talking about your problems. You are convinced it is best if you don’t acknowledge the hard times.
  4. You are a rational person. You are the type of person who always asks questions. You seem genuinely interested in thins and are always craving to find out more. Life is one big puzzle to you.
  5. This eye is alike the mystery from your eyes. You are still not sure about who you are and what your role on this earth is. You are looking for your meaning.
  6. The nr 6 eye is the sign of excessive feelings. You are that person that observes everything around you but never forgets. You live in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Your feelings are strong, your actions are sometimes foolish, but your intentions are always beautiful.
  7. Your soul is on fire. You are full of energy and passion. You are not happy with a monotonous life, you have your own view on life and your energy is addictive.
  8. You are eccentric. You are full of unordinary ideas, passionate about the antic arts, you are a person that raises a lot of question and sparks interest. You don’t care about what others say and are looking for your own way in life.
  9. If you chose this, you like to put your faith in your intuition. You are one of those people that understand through feelings. You read people like they are open books and this thing is rather difficult to understand for others.

How to Make Oil For Hair At Home

Pollution and increased chemical exposure have affected your long hairs in a way that makes you thing the damages are irreversible? Salon visits are expensive and products that are sold in markets are no longer effective? Good news is you can forget about all these and go back to grandma’s advice with natural remedies that will make your hair feel like new.

The secret is in oil! “Oil your hair and oil it regularly”.

What you may think is beyond repair can be fixed with just a few drops of oil massaged in the hair on a regular basis.

Try making hair oils at home for the best results. They will solve the most common hair problems like damaged hair, hair fall or gray hair.

  1. Amla Hair Oil. This is an ancient beauty secret. The vitamins from the oil will minimize hair loss and graying. To make it at home, mix 120 grams of amla powder, 1 litre of water and 250 ml of coconut oil.

Combine the powder with water and boil until half the liquid is evaporated. In another pan you need to put the coconut oil and the other half of powder as well as the mixture from the first pan. Reduce the flame and let it simmer slowly. After all this is done, you will see the oil appear yellow and transparent. Once it’s done, strain the oil and store the oil in a container or bottle.

  1. Curry leaves and coconut oil. This oil will fight graying process and restore melanin, especially the pigment that gives hair its natural black color. Rich in vitamin B, the curry leaves also boost hair growth. Coconut oil makes your hair strong. You will only need a handful of curry leaves and 3-4 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Place the leaves and the coconut oil in a saucepan and heat until a black residue is formed. Then, turn off the flame. You need to let the oil cool. After it cools down, apply it on your hair and scalp and massage gently. Leave it for an hour and rinse it off with regular shampoo and cold water. Apply the oil at least twice a week for the best results.

The Easy Way to Get Focused in Less Than 2 Minutes

Focus is one thing that is getting harder and harder to obtain lately, with all the dozens of thoughts that go through our mind every day. Yoga and Pilates are some of the physical exercises that promise to help achieve a relaxed state of mind and easier focus. There is yet one more method that is successful in obtaining that calm and Zen state:

All you need for this is a piece of paper and a pencil and draw a circle on it. Draw a smaller circle in the center of the large circle, then divide the space between the two in 12 equal sections.

Next step would be to identify what you want and start writing it in the middle of the smaller circle.

Fill your circle with positive and happy thoughts and desires.

Write down the 12 wish statements and spend time looking at them. With the time keep completing the wheel with more dreams, they don’t have to be crazy big or life-changing, just enough to make you happy.

Make time and notice how your wishes will evolve with the time. You will be able to better understand what you need to do in order to achieve your wishes.

Paying attention to what you should focus on will make you feel better with the time.

Keep the wheel in a place where you can see it easily and take a few moments every now and then to observe your achievements and also see how much you’ve improved and worked towards your goals and desires.

Create new wheels whenever you feel he need to boost your vibration and concentration in a specific area of your life that you want to improve.

It has been scientifically proven that visual reinforcement helps be more focused and maintain a healthy concentration on the things that matter to you.

Discover An Amazing Plant And Its Health Benefits

You have passed this plant countless times and ignored it, even tried to get rid of it if it appeared on your front lane. What you did not know is the fact that plantain or Plantago lanceolata is an amazing plant that is lately grown for its health benefits. This plant is amazing because it does not need any special kind of soil or temperature, but it can be found everywhere.

The most common uses for plantain is getting rid of mosquitos and curing different kinds of insect bites, even rashes and hemorrhoids.

Any area that has been affected can be bandaged with this plant for 4-12 hours. It can also be used as a disinfectant.

This amazing plant is famous for its health benefits for the digestive system, especially after an extended use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Plantain leaves can be used for tea or even soup. The seeds of this plant are also great when trying to lose weight and even blood detox.

Tea with plantain leaves help get rid of excessive coughing, colds and other lung affections.

Plantain is great for the body because of its structure that is very similar to the living cells. It can cure a lot of health issues from skin issues to arthritis.

Mix the plantain leaves in your salad especially in the summer and you will not need to drink water so often.

Mix the leaves with potatoes and enjoy and amazing fresh dinner.

As a conclusion, the amazing plantain is going to make your life easier and healthier.

Use it without any fear in the kitchen and to treat different skin affections that don’t need any medical treatment.

Make sure the plant is fresh and clean every time you want to use it, it is better to use the plant that is growing in your backyard.

10 Benefits And Uses Of Potatoes For Your Skin And Health

Potatoes are a great vegetable. Besides its taste, what is very little known about this wonder product is the fact that is also great in many other areas of expertise. Read on and discover all the uses and benefits of potatoes.

  1. Removing dark circles and eye puffiness. Potatoes are a natural eye brightener that can help your eyes get brighter and shinier within minutes. Just peel and slice a raw potato and place the slices in a handkerchief and on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. You can also apply potato juice under your eyes with a cotton ball to fade away dark circles.
  2. Treatment of wrinkles. Potatoes keeps wrinkles away, so use its juice with confidence and see the skin regain its glow.
  3. Treat dark spots. Blend potato in a blender and apply it on your face, give a gentle massage and then do a peeling for 5 minutes, rinse off and say Bye to your dark spot.
  4. Removes facial blemishes. Use cold potato juice daily and see blemishes fade away.
  5. Treat sunburns with potato slices applied on the affected areas. It is best if the slices are cold.
  6. Skin lightening. Apply a mask of grated raw potato on your face and rinse off 30 minutes later. Done on a regular basis it will make your skin lighter.
  7. Cure dry skin. Grate potato and apply it on your dry spots for a few minutes. Done regularly the juice will help smooth and replenish moisture into the skin.
  8. Lifting of dead skin cells. Rejuvenate your face skin with potatoes applied on it daily.
  9. Natural cleanser. Blend together half a cucumber with one potato, add a teaspoon of baking soda and little water and clean your face.
  10. Natural treatment of rashes, itches and insect bites. Don’t panic, slice a potato and place it on the affected area for a few minutes. Repeat a few times a day until it’s over.

Choose the Position You Like to Sit in, and We’ll Tell You Everything About Your Character

You have noticed that every person likes to sit in a certain position and it seems to be the most comfortable and convenient for them. But are you aware of the significance of their position? Here are the most popular 10 sitting positions and their meaning.

  1. This is the position usually adopted by strong willed and confident people who are aware of their decisions and their impact. They like to be in control but are also very sociable and rely on communications with relatives and friends.
  2. Leaning back. This position shows a person that is empathic and cannot stay indifferent to other’s feelings. They are careful with their decisions and actions, and take time to analyze things for a long time before acting on it.
  3. Leaning forward. People that like to sit in this position are very curious and interested in lots of things. They are sociable and very easy to befriend.
  4. Legs together. The first impression is that of a very conservative and cold-hearted person, but truth is you are punctual, meticulous and like to stick to a plan. People like this are also very sincere and kind.
  5. Ankles crossed. This person shows pronounced leadership skills as they are always trying to stay informed and keep everything under control. They are open to new friends but rather jealous in relationships.
  6. Legs crossed. Modest and shy, even embarrassed in front of strangers, these people are hardly confident. They want to hide their feelings and emotions from others, so they come across as closed people.
  7. Arms crossed. Serious people with a strong character that don’t like to lose time, they also don’t open to other people even if they feel completely confident.
  8. Hands between legs. People that adopt this position are gentle, sensitive and good-natured. They don’t ignore other’s calls for help and are often rather shy about their own persona.
  9. Hands on the knees. This is the signs of an obvious leader, a bold and confident person. As a rule people that sit up like this are not afraid to take responsibility for other’s decisions, and are quick at solving problems.
  10. Hands locked together. Emotional, impulsive and amiable are the words that best describe a person that likes to sit up like this. They are cheerful and optimistic, loving to communicate with different people.

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