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The Reason You Shouldn’t Check Your Phone Before Sleep

You should not feel bad about checking your phone last thing before going to sleep. We are all guilty of doing so because of the need to constantly feel connected with our friends everywhere. Checking the phone has become a ritual for most of us, we go on Facebook, open our emails, and sometimes lose track of time and lots of sleep hours.

The blue light is also damaging to our health, especially in the late hours of the night.

But there are many other reasons why you should avoid checking your phone before going to bed.

Studies have revealed the fact that the blue light that comes from digital screens is affecting your brain and it is no longer producing melatonin, a hormone that helps your body get ready for sleep. You are thus sabotaging your own rest without being aware of it.

It took our bodies millions of years to understand the fact that the red light of the sunset is the signal to get ready to rest, while the light blue one of the sunrise means a new day is ahead of us.

Why confuse your body this way? Avoid the blue light of your screen and save up to 22% of melatonin.

Using your phone before going to sleep leads to bad sleep, insomnia and waking up exhausted the next morning.

Your brain is receiving mixed signals and the stress levels are growing because while your body understands it is about time to go to bed, your hormones are keeping it awake and alert. Your entire biological clock is disturbed.

A disturbed biological clock will increase the risk of diabetes and obesity, as well as breast cancer.

Neurotoxins that are accumulated over the day cannot be released other way than through a good night’s sleep, and intoxicating your body further will affect your memory and focus capacities.

Avoid the disease of the 21st century! Avoid checking your phone before sleep!

Here’s What Happens If You Drink Beer Every Day

The dangers of alcohol are public knowledge and nobody is taken by surprise already, but thing is, beer is somewhat left out of the equation. Supporting a healthy lifestyle means knowing all the aspects of the dangers that lie in modern beverages, and especially the unpleasant consequences that can affect avid beer drinkers.

Let’s take is step by step and see how the body reacts to beer:

  • 20 minutes after having a glass of beer, the feeling of light-headedness, happiness and other pleasant emotions take over.
  • An hour later the body starts to suffer from dehydration, frequent urination and feeling of drowsiness.
  • In the timeframe between 12 and 24 hours, hangover, headache, dizziness, thirst, paleness and tremors are ruling the day.

While these are the consequences of occasional beer drinking, there are others that need to be known to the people that are avid beer drinkers.

  • The stomach is affected among the first organs. The mucous membrane is irritated and the gastric juice secretion is affected. This results in gastritis, constipation, depression and feeling uncomfortable.
  • The pancreas is prone to antitoxic function disorder and the development of inflammatory processes such as hepatitis to cirrhosis is starting to take place.
  • The kidneys are affected and they start to register dysfunctions of the regulation of excretion of water leading to weakness in the legs, insomnia, irritability, decline of immunity and renal infarct.
  • The heart is also seriously affected as it covers with a layer of fat leading to arrhythmia, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, coronary heart disease and ultimately stroke.
  • The endocrine systems is affected and in men it starts to show by suppressing testosterone production, thus appearing the ‘’beer belly’’, fat on the hips and waist. The women on the other hand face cysts, ovarian dysfunctions, endometriosis and even infertility.

5 Products You Should Never Use on Your Face

Various unusual beauty recipes and rituals have become rather popular lately. The truth is, not all of them are going to do well to your skin. Some of the products are actually prohibited from being used on the sensitive skin of your face. Remember the products that should not come in contact with your face at any time.

  1. Tooth paste. Tooth paste is an ingredient that made its way in various face products but very few women are aware of the fact that this product should not come in contact with your face. The ingredients can cause rashes, especially if the skin is sensible.
  2. Hair spray. Many women think hair spray is a product that is going to make make-up last longer. This is totally not true, as it will only clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing.
  3. Lemon is very healthy as a fruit, recommended in lots of detox and weight losing diets, but lemon is best used in teas or as a fruit. The acid contained in the lemon juice can destroy the sensible skin.
  4. You are aware of the fact that a diet rich in sugar causes to the apparition of acne and zits? Well, you should also be informed of the fact that sugar masks have the same outcome as having a few sweets for dessert. Avoid sugar if your goal is to have a clean and fresh face.
  5. Body lotion. Not all body lotions are universal and can be applied both on your body and face. This is why you should read carefully the instructions and if they mention that the lotion is to be used on your body only, keep it away from your face. Your face skin is a lot more sensible than the one on your body and it is not recommended to be cared for with any body lotion.

Your Perfect Wedding Location According To Your Zodiac Sign

Planning a wedding can be a complicated and tiresome process, that comes accompanied with tough decisions and brides need all the help in the world for this. The first milestone is choosing the location of the event and the time for it. Many chose to consult other sources than the special magazines and wedding planners. Japan has a very interesting culture surrounding this entire event, they base their decisions on astrology even from the first dates.

Aquarius. Smart but shy, Aquarius knows how to enjoy themselves at a party. Women Aquarius should search for something that is both interesting and new. Their eccentric personalities may feel at ease in an unordinary place such as a public library or museum that is somewhat connected to the history of their relationship. They also like to reenact movie or book scenes, event that will delight the quests.

The ever romantic Pisces will feel at best in an idyllic location such as a park or a garden. They love spring and summer and will chose these seasons to get married. They are also famous for their artist sides so their wedding will be full of romance and music.

Aries will want to transform their weddings into adventures. They will also want to be the center of attention and have a celebration that will captivate the audience. Their choices for the venue will be fascinating and they will plan the entertainment to the last details.

Taurus take pride in organizing everything by themselves. They are wine lovers so the perfect wedding place for them is somewhere in a winery with lots of wine and good food. They will also pay attention at the surrounding views trying to make sure everything is beyond perfection.

To make a Gemini happy, their wedding should take place somewhere fun, with lots of activities. They will want to transform their day into an enchanting experience for their guests, be it with karaoke or boats on a lake. A wedding full of friends is the kind of wedding they dream of.

Cancer take weddings and marriage very seriously because it means their family is expanding. Their sensible personality will feel pressure to make their wedding an unforgettable event. It is best to keep things simple and in the family to feel at ease.

Leo loves luxury and expensive things so their dream wedding may include an exotic destination or a castle. They will want to take the definition of a wedding to the next level. Going abroad with their families and friends to an exotic and beautiful place is an option that will cross their minds. Their wedding has to be elegant and luxurious at the same time, even if they chose an empty beach for a location.

Virgo are obsessed with details and love traditions, so they will not try to make their wedding an adventure, focusing on a very well planned wedding. They will search for the best restaurant and offer their guests a delightful dinner that will be accompanied by well selected music.

Libra will be surprisingly indecisive as to the venue and will try to find something that will suit everyone. They must not forget it is their wedding and it is their big day. If they will keep this in mind and avoid taking into account all the personal preferences of their guests they will have a great party.

Scorpio will try to create an unforgettable night for their guests, but in a very simple and elegant way. They will try to bring a feeling of a holiday to their wedding and maybe go for a place that has a pool and will cut down from the stiffness of the moment.

The friendly Sagittarius will look at all sorts of venues trying to bring something unusual to the table. They will look for places that have either very high ceilings or lots of mirrors, bonus points if it’s something with unusual architecture. Their venue will not be something standard that does not amaze guests.

Capricorns will organize a very selected, private event that will speak about their love for luxury and exclusivity. Their event may be on the opposite side of this if the bride and groom are young and wish for a nonconformist wedding.

The Reason You Should Add Baking Soda When Boiling Eggs

Did it ever happen to unpeel an egg at the same time with its white? This happens because the egg is fresh and the egg white is getting attached to its cover. For an easy peel, eggs should be between 7 and 10 days old. But you can cut down the wait, by simply adding a bit of baking soda to the water where you are boiling the egg.

Other tricks are:

  1. Checking for the egg’s freshness with the help of a glass of water. Put it in the glass and notice its position: if the egg goes to the bottom in a horizontal position it means it’s very fresh, if it keeps its vertical position on the bottom of the glass it means it can be boiled with no problem whatsoever. If it rises to the surface it means it’s too old.
  2. To prevent any cracking, warm the egg before putting it in hot water. Getting the egg straight from the fridge in hot water may harm the cover, so leave it a few minutes in the kitchen to get to the room’s temperature.
  3. If you want to get hard boiled eggs, put them in a glass of cold water and then get the recipient on the stove.
  4. If you want to have soft yolks, put the egg in hot water for 4 minutes and keep it there with the help of a spoon.
  5. Make sure eggs are covered with water so as to boil evenly.
  6. After boiling the eggs put them in a recipient with cold water for 1-2 minutes. They will be easier to peel this way.
  7. If you want to make a boiled omelette, shake your egg really well before getting it in hot water to boil. It is necessary to shake it a few minutes to make sure it is well scrabbled inside.

The Best Trick For A Long Lasting Manicure

A ruined manicure is a Hollywood worthy kind of drama or horror nightmare every woman felt at least once in her life.The perfect manicure getting ruined at the most inappropriate moment is a complete disappointment for everyone. The reasons why a manicure cracked under pressure? There can be lots of them, starting with the quality of the products used, or the quality of the process, they all fade in front of the issue.

You may ask yourself what is to be done and how can things or technique be improved.

Well, thing is, getting the perfect manicure is an absolute no brainer at all, easier to obtain than you’ve ever expected.

You don’t need any special products at all. Just follow one simple advice to ensure you have the perfect manicure for almost an entire week.

All that you need is a nail removing solution. Even if your nails are clean, your cuticles are all trimmed and there is no trace of the older nail polish, you still need to clean your nails with an extra pad dipped in nail removing solution. This action will remove any trace of grease and dirt from the surface of your nail.

This way, your nail will become the perfect surface for any nail polish, as the product will adhere better if there are less chances to slip or move while drying out.

You can follow this with the application of a simple base and then the regular nail polish. Another trick is applying a transparent layer of nail polish every other 2 days to give the nails a polished and sparkling look.

Cleaning your nails of any natural grease is the secret no saloon will let slip away, but they are all doing it in order to have clients getting addicted to the perfect manicures.

6 Signs You May Be Addicted to Coffee

What starts as a hobby and out of pleasure, can often turn to a threatening addiction and coffee makes no exception. Coffee is the only way reason many of us function during the day, it’s helping us start a new day and there are few pleasures in life that compare to its rich, hot, roasted aroma in the morning.

Still, mesmerizing as it is, coffee can also get you hooked on caffeine and that is not a very good idea. Too much coffee can result in sleeping problems, heart palpitations and nervousness.

The signs of coffee addiction are all here and they are easy to notice:

  1. Regular coffee drinkers get strong headaches if they miss their morning cup of coffee. Caffeine is known to produce changes in the cerebral blood flow, so that is why any change of dosage will have its say in your well-being.
  2. Super grumpy. Hating everyone and feeling super grumpy before getting a cup of coffee is explained by the fact that caffeine stimulates the dopamine receptors and they make you feel good afterwards. Without coffee the body relies on itself to create and maintain your mood.
  3. Concentration issues without caffeine. You are a certified caffeine addict if your brain is foggy and you cannot focus without your daily dose.
  4. If you keep increasing the quantity for the same effect it means your body built a considerable tolerance towards caffeine’s effects. This is a decisive point: should you drink more coffee, or cut back and feel the withdrawals for a while?
  5. Feeling nervous and anxious for no apparent reason. This may be a particular consequence of coffee. Not every body reacts the same way. But if the feelings of anxiety and stress keep increasing, you should really consider on cutting it back.
  6. You can’t imagine life without coffee. This is the most important sign of a real addict.

If you decided it is time to give up coffee, consider doing it slowly, lower the dosage, take your time, don’t shock your body.

What Means Metallic Taste In The Mouth

A metallic taste in the mouth is a symptom that should raise some concerns because it can point to some serious health issues such as diabetes, liver problems or kidney failure. Still, there are some milder triggers that can all cause the taste.

  1. Respiratory infection- mild colds or sinusitis are temporary infections but can still cause the metallic taste. The symptoms disappear when the body is healed and health is restored.
  2. Certain medicine- some medicine are absorbed by the body and then get in the mouth through saliva. Antibiotics, lithium and allopurinol as well as antidepressants are all responsible for affecting the taste buds and the taste in the mouth.
  3. Chemical radiation- if you breathed in air that was contaminated with mercury, chances are you will feel a metallic taste in your mouth the following few days.
  4. Dementia- dementia affects all brain cells and especially the ones that are responsible for taste. Because of this, most dementia patients live with this metallic taste in their mouths.
  5. Supplements- food supplements that contain doses of heavy metals such as zinc, chrome, iron, calcium or copper can all trigger a metallic taste. It is documented that the taste stops when the treatment stops or when the body learns how to deal with them effectively. If it does not disappear and increases, check to see if you are not overdosing. This may put your health in danger as you are putting an unnecessary strain on your body to process all the heavy metals.
  6. Cancer treatments- chemotherapy and radiotherapy are all factors that favor the apparition of the metallic taste in the mouth of the patients. This is explained by the fact that both procedures are extremely powerful and are responsible for a great number of chemical reactions within the body.

Here Is How Often You Should Change Your Pajama And Why

Numerous researches have come to the conclusion that people don’t know the rules of wearing a pajama. Men decide to change their old set of pajamas after wearing them for 13 days, while it takes women roughly 17 days to get another set from the drawer. Thing is, in fact, you should be changing to a new pajama every other two days in order to avoid a lot of health and skin issues that may arise from wearing the same set too much.

  1. Staph infections. The staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, the type of germs that are commonly found on the skin or in the nose of most people, even healthy individuals. Still, when the number of germs increases due to wearing the same piece of clothing, it is very likely they will eventually find their way into the human body. Infections can occur in the simplest of ways, through ingrown hairs and even small cuts.
  2. Pimples are the result of bacteria, skin oils and dead cells that clog pores. Change your pajamas and have a shower if you want to get rid of pimples.
  3. Insomnia is also connected to wearing the same pajama for a longer period of time. A cleaner set of pajamas offers a different feeling of relaxation.
  4. Dust mites. Dust mites are feeding off dead cells, which is why they are particularly attracted to the bed area and especially the pajamas. They are responsible for respiratory issues.
  5. Weak immune system. If you are not changing your pajamas as often as you should, you oblige your body and immune system to be constantly watching out for bacteria and keep them at distance. This only makes your system weak and vulnerable. Help yourself by keeping your immune system strong and healthy.

Hopefully we have convinced you to change your pajamas tonight!

The Hidden Thoughts Of Every Zodiac Sign

You are aware of the way the astrological sign affects people, but do you realize how much individuals of a certain sign resemble between themselves? There are some thoughts that cross their minds on a regular basis.

1.    Aries. People from this sign want to conquer the world. They feel the need to be in charge and are very often perceived as being arrogant.

2.    Taurus. Stubborn and wishing for things to be done a certain way. He has very good intentions but may come across as stubborn and furious.

3.    Gemini. These individuals seem to be all over the place, but all they think about is having fun. They change their minds quite often.

4.    Cancer. Cancer is trying to hide away their sensible side because they feel people may try to take advantage of them.

5.    Leo. Sure of themselves and loving the spotlight, a Leo is always certain of his power.

6.    Virgo. Very down-to-earth, Virgo is always trying to see things in a logical way. They don’t like people that don’t use logic to measure their actions.

7.    Libra. Libra is very hard working and they are aware of the fact that happiness is something that is achieved, not gifted.

8.    Scorpio. These people are mysterious and don’t like sharing too much information about themselves as they think that too much of anything can ruin stuff.

9.    Sagittarius. They run away from boredom and look for adventure and new interesting interactions. They like to be around people from whom they can learn.

10.Capricorn. Addicted to work, a Capricorn will despise people that don’t like to work and spend their life in vain. Capricorn likes to have a purpose and loves to work in order to achieve his goals.

11.Aquarius. They like to rationalize everything and will overlook the sentimental implications of many actions. Very often, however, Aquarius will doubt his own rational arguments.

12.Pisces. Even though they seem very determined and sure of themselves, Pisces are actually rather insecure and sensible.

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