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Reasons You Should NEVER Skip Breakfast

Do you already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you still keep skip it for various reasons? Here are some reasons why you should have breakfast every morning. I’m sure that from now on you will try to have breakfast as often as possible.

Breakfast helps you focus better – The morning meal provides you the neccesary glucose, that is an indispensable food for the brain to function at normal parameters. The energy and disposition of those who do not take breakfast, suffer. They become irritable, tired and agitated.

The morning meal helps you to lose weight – Paradoxically, jumping over breakfast not only doesn’t help you lose weight, but increases the risk of obesity. What is the explanation? Specialists claim that when we are starving, our tendency is that when we sit at the table we eat too much.

Breakfast lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease – By maintaining optimum weight, we also maintain a normal level of cholesterol. Thus, the heart is protected. Also, breakfast-specific foods, such as whole grains or fruits, contain fibers that help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The morning meal helps metabolism – By jumping over breakfast, the body doesn’t receive the energy needed for a proper functioning. Metabolism slows down and tries to keep the body in normal parameters, and when you eat again, your body will block every food you eat, which makes weight loss more difficult.

The first meal of the day gives you energy – After sleep, the body needs “fuel” to start the new day well. The morning meal regulates the level of sugar in the blood and reactivates the body, providing you with an energy boost.

The morning meal escapes you from anxiety –As you well know, the feeling of hunger can cause mood swings and irritability. The same happens when we skip breakfast. People who use to eat in the morning tend to have a better mood.

The Reason You Should Stick Your Toes When You Wear High Heels

High heels are delightful, seductive, but it gives us, the most of us, big pain. And we still wondering if there is any sandal or shoe store in this world that has a heel and is also very comfortable. All women who dream of such accessories need to prepare themselves for the fact that they will suffer –  if not in the first hour at least in the next hours when they will wear high heels.

Today I will present you a very handy trick that helps you not only to resist on heels a longer time, but also to make all the moves you want. So, if you want to dance, move freely or to go anywhere on the heels, you only need to use this trick. The women who tried it guarantee that it is the best  “trick” in order to fool the heel shoes.

You only need patches or adhesive tape that is strong enough to keep your toes together. Stick the second and third toe of each leg with adhesive tape, and then lie down in your shoes. You will see that they are becoming more comfortable. The explanation is logical: the two sticked toes are the longest and most often make difficult the walking for a longer period of time. By applying this trick, you not only shrink them, but also protect them when they enter in the shoe. Also, you avoid contacting the second toe with your thumb, which often makes you remove your shoes and dance with barefoot.

So, the pain disappears with this little trick that many of us do not know. It is important, however, to have high heel shoes that are not very detached or sandals that have a thicker front brace. Otherwise, you will see the patches. You can also try with a skin color adhesive tape, but it is not guaranteed that it will not be observed.

4 Moments Of The Day To Drink Water To Stay Healthy

We already know that water is vital to the proper functioning of the body, but nutritionists warn that it doesn’t matter how much water we drink, but also when we drink it. Water is the best moisturizer, the best energizer, and if you drink it properly, you can enjoy a powerful health every day. Here are the best times of the day to drink water:

1. Immediately after you wake up – Two glasses of water drunk in the morning, on the empty stomach, helps to activate your internal organs and metabolism. It is important because the body is usually dehydrated after sleep. If you slept for eight hours, it means you have not been drinking liquids for eight hours. Moreover, this simple habit helps colon health, regulates digestion and improves the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients.

2. Before every meal – Do not forget to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. This habit helps digestion, and you will eat less because you already feel fuller and in this way you will keep your weight at the best level.

3. Before shower – A glass of drinking water before going into the shower will have the effect of lowering blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

4. Before bedtime – During the night, dehydration occurs, but a glass of water drunk before bed will reduce this effect. It also reduces the risk of vascular accidents and infarction, especially in the morning precisely because of thickening of the blood as a result of dehydration.

The Time Of Digestion For Every Type Of Food

Digestion time of the consumed foods can contribute or, on the contrary, can harm the process of slimming. The body uses a series of mechanical and biochemical processes to transform food and to absorb the nutrients from it, and this varies from person to person. In this article you will find out the time of digestion for every type of food.

In order to be completely digested, food takes time, but not all foods are digesting as easily or in the same time. The faster your digestion is, the better you will feel without having digestive cramps or feeling your stomach full for a long time after eating.

Here is the time of digestion for every type of food:

  • Water – immediately reach the intestines
  • Vegetables of fruits juice – 20 minutes
  • Fruits that contain a large amount of water (watermelon, grapes) and berries – 20 minutes
  • Citrus – 30 minutes
  • Fresh vegetables and salads without oil – 30 minutes
  • Boiled vegetables – 40 minutes
  • Semi-concentrated carbohydrates (artichokes, pumpkin, corn, potatoes) – 60 minutes
  • Concentrated carbohydrates (brown rice, wheat, beans, peas) – 90 minutes
  • Seeds and nuts – 2-3 hours
  • Dairy products – 3 hours
  • Fried egg – 3 hours
  • Boiled egg – 45 minutes
  • Fish – 60 minutes
  • Chicken meat – 2-3 hours
  • Turkey meat – 2-3 hours
  • Beef meat – 4 hours
  • Mutton meat – 4 hours
  • Pork meat – 5-6 hours

Advice to improve the digestion:

  • Take time for you breakfast: the morning meal is mandatory and it is recommended to eat probiotic-rich fruits and yoghurt to facilitate digestion.
  • Eat at regular times: Nutritionists say that a food routine has a regulating effect on the your digestive system.
  • Choose a healthy way to prepare food: To improve digestion, fat consumption must be limited! Foods with a high lipid content slow down the digestive process and load the body with toxins.
  • Eat smaller portions: Overeating is the main cause of indigestion. Stop eating before you feel full because the brain is transmitting satiety signals 10 minutes after you are full.

20 Reasons To Drink Water With Lemon And Pineapple Daily

It is a well-known fact that water with lemon drunk daily on the empty stomach is healthy and full of benefits. But did you know that adding pineapple juice in the drink improves its benefits?

pH levels are strongly connected to various affections and diseases that affect the body. The drink that contains both lemon and pineapple juice works as a balancing agent and is going to improve your life.

Read on about the benefits of the drink:

  1. Preventing cancer. The combination of water with the juices prevents the apparition of cancer because of the alkaline substances. Studies have shown the fact that cancer cells cannot survive the alkaline medium.
  2. Treating toothaches and gingivitis. Even if it still a mystery how the mixture works for these, there are lots of claims that support the fact that lemon and pineapple work great to alleviate the pain.
  3. Losing weight. Thanks to pectin, lemon cuts down hunger. Studies have shown the fact that people that have followed alkaline diets have seen the best results.
  4. Strong hydration. The fruits hydrate the body thoroughly.
  5. Treating joint pains.
  6. Improving digestion. The citric acid from lemons stimulates digestion.
  7. Stimulates the liver functions as well as cleaning it.
  8. Treating respiratory infections. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the lemon, this drink accelerates the healing process.
  9. Proper working intestines.
  10. Accelerates the metabolism.
  11. Improves immunity. The drink helps the body fight against infections.
  12. Protects the nervous system, healing anxiety and even depression with time.
  13. Blood detox.
  14. Lowering the arterial tension. The mixture helps treat hypertension.
  15. Chancing the body’s chemical composition.
  16. Keeping the aging process at a distance.
  17. Benefits during the pregnancy.
  18. Healing pain and stomach burns.
  19. Keeping the kidneys clean and healthy.
  20. Making the body fight all infections and bacteria.

Why It’s Important To Urinate After Sex

One of the most common advice that women get from their gynecologist is to urinate after having sex. If your gynecologist did not explain why you have to urinate after having sex, I will tell you what the explanation is.

During sexual intercourse, even among the most pure and clean women, the bacteria in the anal area get into the urethra. Due to the fact that women have ureters shorter than men, bacteria can quickly reach the urinary bladder where they can lead to urinary infections. These urinary infections are very painful and require antibiotic treatment. Urination after a sexual act can prevent these urinary infections. Urine eliminates bacteria that make their way through the urethra in the bladder.

A second reason why you should go to the bathroom after having sexual intercourse is that stimulation and excitement can lead to faster filling of the bladder. Stimulation of the G-point leads to urethral pressure. All tissues in the pelvic area are vascularized and can put pressure on the bladder. To get rid of this pressure, you have to go to the toilet.

This Is Why You Should Never Drink The Water From Your Nightstand!

You’ve probably been doing this for a long time: you always leave a glass of water uncovered, overnight on your nightstand. Did you ever woke up during the night and drank that water? Did you noticed that the water had a weird taste? Find out why you should never drink the water from your nightstand!

That strange taste is due to the increase acidity in the water. The water phi tends to drop during the night if the glass is not covered. Water absorbs carbon dioxide and becomes slightly acidic. The phenomenon is not dangerous and does not affect your health.

What you should worry about is that water doesn’t necessarily have to be contaminated from the outside to lead to illness. Water supports life and can lead to algae or bacteria growth if it is not hermetically sealed in a vessel.

The water does not contain sugars or proteins that can be consumed by bacteria, so practically the water cannot deteriorate, but if you keep it outside the house, uncovered, can lead to the development of algae or may contain mosquito larvae.

Instead, water can also be contaminated inside your home. If you leave the glass uncovered at night, dust can contaminate the water.

The sailors used to take whole barrels of fresh water when they crossed long distances. Unfortunately, the water deteriorated in a few days, had a bad smell and developed algae. Sailors knew this, and usually had other drink (beer or rum). The alcohol contained by these drinks did not allow bacteria to appear.

In the present, water can be safely stored in plastic containers. Unfortunately, water bottles shouldn’t be kept in the sun and near the places where are used pesticides (plastic is permeable). In addition, certain types of plastic, in the presence of heat, remove into the water a compound called bisphenol A, a carcinogenic compound.

How to Get Rid of Water Retention Fast

Most of the time, swollen feet and these inflammations are due to water retention. This sign can lead to a much more dangerous condition, like kidney disease, arthritis, gout, or other disseases.

Therefore, it is very important to go to the doctor if you notice any changes in your legs. But if you already went to a doctor and it has not yet diagnosed you, you may be surprised to find that you suffer from dehydration due to excess salt.

What’s really going on? Due to the high salt consumption, it gets into the tissue, thus forming inflammation. In this article you will find out some natural and effective methods to get rid of water retention in order to treat swollen feet.

1. Mint massage. Mix a few drops of essential mint oil with olive oil and massage the inflamed areas. Your feet will feel better and you will reduce water retention in this area.

2.Black rice. Vitamin B6 is found in black rice, sweet potato and sow flower. This vitamin helps to treat water retention, so, if you have this problem, I recommend you to consume it as often as possible.

3. Parsley. This very tasty plant is a miracle for treating kidney disease, removing toxins from the body and purifying the blood. Prepare parsley tea in the following way: add a handful of parsley to a litre of water and leave this mixture to boil. Consume it daily until the inflammation disappears.

4. Potassium source. Spinach and red beet juice contain a lot of potassium, and it eliminates the surplus of salts in the body.

5. The Himalayan Salt. Put a handful of Himalayan salt in a big recipent with lukewarm water and keep your feet in this preparation, for 20 minutes; the inflammation will soon disappear.

7 Useless Cosmetic Products

Beauty specialists have reached an unanimous conclusion: there are lots of beauty products that are completely useless and their only achievement is making people waste money. Read on and discover the products you could throw away and stop buying.

Eyelash primer- lots of women want longer lashes, but a mascara and an eyelash curler can work just as good.

All the products that have the word “cellulite” on the label are a complete waste of money and time. This is one product that has proven useless countless of times, but companies are still trying to sell them.

Face water sprays- why? You can do just as good with tap water, there is no need to buy expensive bottled water that you would spray on your face, and it is absolutely the same thing as normal, tap water.

Shaving cream for women- before the apparition of shower gels, the shaving cream had an important role- the one of softening the hair and helping the razor slide on the skin. Nowadays, all the shower gels contain enough hydrating ingredients that make shaving cream useless.

Shampoo and other products for damaged hair. Unfortunately, damaged hair cannot be repaired by any means or with any miracle products. The various serums can only create the illusion of softer and shinier hair, but damaged hair has the simplest treatment- a haircut.

Cuticle oil- seems like a legit product, but is useless as there is no oil in the world that can prevent skin from growing.

Hand cream, foot cream and body cream. These are all results of clever marketing, as people have been instructed to think they need creams for different body parts. Truly, in most of the cases, the face does indeed need a personalized beauty routine, but for the rest parts, you can use the same cream because they all work following the same principles.

7 Health Problems That Cause Hair Loss

Every woman is doing her best to prevent hair loss and have strong and healthy hair. Women are either going for expensive saloon procedures or natural treatments, hair beauty is essential to each and every one. Hair loss is rather frequent among women and unfortunately can be caused by various factors such as vitamin deficiency or even more serious health issue.

The good news is the fact that in spite of any cause, the hair loss process can be reversed and the cause can be treated.

Here are the most frequent 7 causes for hair loss:

  1. Overworking the hair. The combination of chemical ingredients that most shampoos and conditioners have can lead to making the hair weaker and eventually fall. If you are one of the people that uses lots of hair care products, you are already familiar with the hairs that fall uncontrollably. It is recommended that you use a natural hair mask every now and then. You can make your mask at home from olive oil, eggs and honey.
  2. Telogen effluvium is the clinical name for the condition of losing hair after experiencing lots of stress such as weight loss, pregnancy or even a surgery.
  3. Faulty diet. The body needs a well-balanced diet in order to survive, this applies to healthy hair as well. If your body lacks vitamins and proteins, you can notice this through your hair. Your hair is made up from proteins, which means you need to eat as many proteins as possible in order to have healthy and shiny hair.
  4. Wrong water. Hard water has a big quantity of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that make hair get dry, cause the appearance of dandruff and even hair loss. Be careful with the water you use.
  5. Thyroid affections. If none of the above causes seem familiar, you may suffer from thyroid affections. Go check it! It is treatable and you will feel a lot better afterwards.
  6. Issues with the ovaries. Check your ovaries for any cysts because they can lead to elevated testosterone levels, which leads to hair loss.
  7. Iron deficiency. One of 10 women between 20 and 49 years old is a victim of iron deficiency.

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